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Christmas Visit to California

So I am a little behind on blogging because we just moved apartments (now 2 bedrooms - yay!) so here is one of the posts I have been meaning to put up. A week or so before Christmas we went to California to visit to visit Lance's family. When we got there, we went to a place where a church creates a fake city of Bethlehem and they act out the nativity as if you were there in the city when it happened.
It was really neat!
I also got to participate in the Baxter family tradition of playing Christmas songs with home made chimes! We also got to play with our cute nieces who I miss so much!
The next day we went out for a trip around the town and Lance showed me the home that he had spent some of his childhood in, his old schools, and places he and his friends would go play pranks. We also found me some earmuffs (which are super hard to find in AZ).
Snapped this in Lance's old neighborhood on a walk we took... He showed me where he used to have a tree house with his friends.
Later that night we had dinner with Lance's parents and Katie & David. David is one of Lance's best friends from growing up and he had just proposed to Katie (who we love) a week earlier! We were so excited to see them and hear the engagement story in detail! After dinner we went with David and Katie to Jon and Tamara's house to go on a triple date. We all went out looking at Christmas lights and found some fantastic houses! Here are the three trouble makers with Santa!
New discovery = 7 Eleven Hot Chocolate > Starbucks Hot Chocolate = Cheaper too!
Here's the whole gang! Loved hanging out with them!
The next day we took it easy and napped and watched Christmas movies! Then after dinner with Lance's parents and his sister and her husband, we all went to look at more Christmas lights. We thought this house was incredible!
Clever next door neighbors... If you can't beat em, join em.
The next day we window shopped in town and found a few sweet hand made Christmas gifts. It was so nice to feel the chilly air and wear winter clothes.
We grabbed lunch at Subway before we had to head to the airport. Here is Lance with his mom. Overall it was a wonderful trip and so nice to see family and friends!