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Nashville Day One

So remember when I said I got a weekend break during finals and we went to Nashville for two days with my parents? Well here are some of the promised pictures. My parents picked us up from the airport and we headed straight for Loveless cafe... Second time I have been there and just as delicious as the first.
We love this sign with the pig who is so excited that he is going to be eaten!
Also, just about every famous person on the East Coast has eaten at Loveless Cafe because of their yummy Southern food, so I found one of my favorites on the wall- Martina McBride!
Loved this hat!
This was the nativity scene out in front of the cafe... that's another thing about the South that I love - everyone is proud of their religion on not afraid to show it.
Gross... Lance found a bacon wallet and bacon bandaids in the gift shop!
And I love this old tractor that's outside! It was there two years ago the first time I went to Loveless with my dad!

After Loveless Cafe, we went to downtown Nashville and to window shop before it was time for our show at the Grand Ole Opry Ryman. We noticed Montgomery Gentry's bus in the parking lot and took a picture. Shortly thereafter we found out that they were in the show! The Opry shows change all the time so when you buy tickets you never really know who you will get to see. We ended up with some greats at our show!
Window shopping!

Finally in the Grand Ole Opry Ryman going to find our seats!
The show began and we heard Montgomery Gentry...
Alison Krauss... (She sings "You say it best, when you say nothing at all")
And yes, Dierks Bentley! He sang his new patriotic song and we loved it! We also saw a ton of other wonderful people like Bill Anderson! Such a fun show!
And on the recommendation of our friend Brittany, who is going to school in Nashville at Vanderbilt, we went to a nearby ice cream shop for a treat after the show!

Finally we headed back to the car. My dad had me take his picture in front of the Montgomery Gentry bus again, secretly hoping that they would come out and say hi. No such luck, but it sure was a fun first day there!