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Temple Night

There is one place where we can always go to find the peace that we seek and to steal away from the world. At the temple we can always feel the spirit... That is why we try to go to the temple at least once a week. It has been such a wonderful thing to strengthen us.
Last night after we went, we stopped by Bahama Bucks and LO and BEHOLD our punch card was full! Do you know what THAT means? It means free shaved ice of ANY size! WOO HOO! So we got a strawberry shaved ice with cream, AVALANCHE size! Awesome!

Yep... It's Plain to See

We are perfect for each other...

And we are going to have cute babies!

Happy One Month Anniversary!

One of the perks about being newlywed is that you get to have monthly anniversaries instead of annual ones... I love it. Although I am afraid I won't be able to give it up after we hit a year. We will be celebrating our 17 month anniversary next year, ha ha! We went to Olive Garden for our one month anniversary and had a really nice night during which Lance suggested we write poems, so I wrote the one on the left side of the blog here. It was fun and I love how he makes things special.

The Signs

People always talk about love and they say, "I just knew!" or "When you know, you know." I believe that there are signs that confirm these statements... Things like how your family actually all love him and even your seven-year-old brother wants to snuggle him... I just followed the signs and they lead me straight to him.

Trip to Danville/Oakland/Cali Home!

Last week Lance and I jumped at the chance to fly up to Cali for a day! His vacation ended Sunday so we wanted to visit his parents before then. When we landed, his dad picked us up and we had dinner at a place called Primo's while his mom was finishing up helping with voting. Primo's was delicious! It was also quite the adventure as we ended up at a table next to a whole little league team doing their end-of-season trophy ceremony. LOUD to say the least ha ha!

To thank us for being patient with the kids and get rid of her extras, one mom from the team gave us cupcakes she had made for the event... Cutest cupcakes ever! So delicious too! I was thoroughly delighted! We also got a ton of Lance's childhood pictures while we were there and GOLLY he was an adorable child! We are going to have CUTE babies!
Speaking of children, we went to a store in Danville called McCullough's and Lance found the trains that he played with in the store as a child. Memories flooded back and he couldn't tear himself away from the trains for fully 15 minutes. I perused a little, but I couldn't help but observe him in this tranced state... it was sort of beautiful. The way his eyes sparkled like a child's. I am so in love with him. Next time we go up will be for our reception there on July 9th! Yay!

Tim McGraw Concert

Last Friday Lance and I went to my mom's new law office. She was having her grand opening and open house. We were there to assist with serving food and helping people find everything they needed. While talking to one of her clients that came, he said, "You guys like country?" Yeah we do. So he pulled out a pair of Tim McGraw concert tickets for that night! Woah! Yes please! So after the whole event was cleaned up, we went over to the concert.
We listened to him open with "A Heart Don't Forget" and sing a lot of his other great songs. It was certainly a good time and free too! :)

Double Date with Heather & Mark (aka Hark & Meather)

We got to go out to dinner to Johnny Rockets with the soon-to-be Bowles family! :) We enjoyed some delicious food and then played "Match Mate". Oh how grateful we are to have friends who are uplifting and fun to be with! We cannot WAIT for these two to get hitched! Yay!

Just A Pecond!

We got to have dinner with the Hoskyns family and YEOW it was GOOD! :) We always love being with the Hoskyns and the shish kabobs that Mary and Don made were so so so amazing! I am so grateful for my Sampson...

Salt Lake Saturday!

Two weeks ago Lance and I decided to fly up to Salt Lake for a day to visit Cori and go to a session at the temple. (I love having airline perks) It was quite the strange day for weather. When we arrived it was hot, but by the evening when we left, it was cold and rainy! It was beautiful though...

Cori had a picnic with us and then left to go to her cousin's graduation. While she was there, we did a session in the temple. It was amazing! We are so grateful that our ancestors spent 40 years building that beautiful temple. It truly is a house of the Lord.

After we were done going through the temple, Cori was done too and we all went to the church history museum across the street from temple square. We all had fun playing with the General Conference pulpit.

They also had an exhibit about hispanic heritage where you could dress up and learn cultural dances. We rocked that game!

After a nice gander through Deseret Book, we then went over to Crown Burger (WOOT WOOT!) and ate dinner there. Delicious! We loved it!
Finally we went to see the Kristus before Cori took us back to the airport.
What a fun Saturday! We sure do miss our Cori!

Honey to the Moon!

So for our honeymoon Lance and I were able to go to Orlando Florida! It was so wonderful! We took a red eye the night of our wedding to get there as fast as possible because of the timeshare we were using. Yes, five million people already told us we were crazy for being on a plane on our wedding night, but we are in love, best friends, and going to be together forever, so why would waiting one more night kill us? It didn't :) We stayed at Cypress Pointe Resort which was about one mile away from DisneyWorld. Sunday morning when we got there we were exhausted and slept for quite a while, but by Monday we were ready to head out to the parks. So we took the rental car over and hopped on a tram into Magic Kindgom. Here we go!
Love the sign behind us that says "Let the memories begin!" and how significant that is about just getting married. :)
So we went in and walked down Main Street together walking on sunshine :) Yeeeahhh!

Hopped on the first ride we came to, which was the Buzz Lightyear ride and from there on out we did all the best classics like the Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean, It's A Small World, Peter Pan, Big Thunder, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, etc. Woo hoo!

Lance playing baseball with the statue outside of the ice cream shop :)
Hanging out and waiting for the parade during the day!
Mickey and Minnie!
Getting ready to go on the It's A Small World Ride!
Listening on the ride to hear the Swedish part :) (which we found by the way)
I know a lot of people think that it's an annoying ride, but it's so incredible that they could make all those dolls and make they all work like that. I really enjoy it every time!

Had to get a picture in these little beauties! Too bad they were so much or we would have gotten them! Late wedding present anyone? :) Ha ha
He's so goofy... Ha ha ha!
When we went into one of the shops to buy our fridge magnet, the cashier asked if we had just been married. We told her yes and she gasped, "Where are your PINS?!" in horror and scurried away to get us said pins. Apparently if you are on your honeymoon in Disneyland, they give you pins that say "Happily Ever After" and then EVERY Disneyland worker says congratulations to you wherever you go! Some even let you ahead in line! :)
Playing around in the candy store :)
We grabbed some ice cream and it had Mickey Mouse ears!
In line for the Jungle Cruise! :) Love this picture!

On the Carousel!

Lance pulling the sword out of the stone!
It was so hard to hold that kiss for the picture and not scream! Ha ha!
The caste changes colors at night! So pretty!
Then the parade, lights, and firework show! AMAZING! When the finale was over, the Disneyland worker standing in front of us threw his hands up and said, "YEAH! FIND THAT AT UNIVERSAL!" Ha ha ha!

This made for an incredible ending to a wonderful day!
Tuesday we went over to the Epcot park! I thought it was really cool how they had all the Disney characters all over the park cut from bushes and flowers!
Daisy! Lance obliged me and stopped to take a picture even though he had to use the bathroom really badly. Best hubby ever.
Awesome bush and flower sculptures!
The only character that Lance wanted to find was Goofy. Mission accomplished!
The space ride which made me very claustrophobic! It's like the Star Tours ride, but smaller, more crazy, and you are closed in a small capsule.
Getting ready to go see Captain EO in 3D! Love Michael Jackson music!
Finding Nemo ride (which was way different than the submarine Finding Nemo ride at Disneyland)
So pretty!

Took these next two to show Jonas! He is so excited for the next Cars movie to come out!

In Epcot they have kind of an around the world theme and you walk from country to country. These giant birds were in the Mexico part!

Epcot was a fun park, but Lance and I agreed that it was more a park for adults who drink and such because the majority of the park was places to spend tons of money and or drink. Our favorite ride there was the Soarin' ride. The next day we went to the Animal Kingdom park and the first ride we went on was the Dinosaur ride. I was very freaked out as you can see. You are supposedly in a time machine in the dinosaur age with dinosuars going after you, in the dark and flashes of light, and the giant meteor is coming! The picture is taken at the part that the HUGE T-REX pops out to eat you!
I like the outside of the ride better!

Animal kingdom was mostly walking and looking at plants and some animals.

Lance got really mad at this duck for swimming through his picture of the hippo! Ha ha!
This is a hippo skull! HUGE!
We went on a ride slash safari and saw a lot of the animals that they have on their preserve. That was probably the neatest thing in the park.
The sticker in our safari vehicle!

These were neat! They are called upside down trees because the tops look like roots in the air! They also only get leaves three months out of the year!
These are cattle with HUGE horns! Apparently their horns are hollow and they have blood vessels through them that help keep them cool!

Going on safari for real!
Kissing parrots!
So Animal Kingdom was fun, but was still our least favorite of all the parks. If you are going to Disneyworld we would suggest Hollywood studios and Magic Kingdom, but not Epcot or Animal Kingdom. Go to a zoo if you want something like Animal Kingdom. Anyway that night we picked up some Chick Fil A and set it out on our fancy table at home. Delicious! Then we played hide and seek and Lance hid and scared the heck out of me! See the tall wooden dresser and tv stand behind the table? Yeah he crawled on top of one of those and hid behind the plants! Great scotch I was freaked out when I found him!
Thursday was the last day in the parks and we headed for Hollywood Studios!

We slathered on the sunscreen for (what we thought was) the last day in the sun.Lance's favorite ride in the park was hands down the Toy Story ride and also the only ride we went on twice. It was a blast! We also got to skip 50 minutes in the line because one of the workers saw our "Happily Ever After" buttons. Yay!
Don't know if you can see it well or not but behind Lance's head is the Golden Gate bridge!
Getting ready to see the muppets 3D show. AWESOME! I LOVE MUPPETS!
We thought the Fozzie Bear drama faces were hilarious!
Second time through the Toy Story ride and I had to get this picture!
As the park was closing the streets emptied and we were all alone!
Goodbye Disneyworld! We had fun with you!
Then we went to Downtown Disney to decide on where our dinner out for the week would be. We chose a Dine in AMC movie, so we reserved seats for a dinnertime showing of Pirates of the Caribbean 4 on Friday (the next day since Pirates would be coming out at midnight that night). So we left excited for our dinner the next evening!
The next morning we went about a half hour out of our way to meet a piece of living history, Mr. Nelson Winbush (who you can wikipedia to read about if you don't know who he is). He was incredible!
Lance and I loved visiting with him and getting to meet him! :)
As we left Mr. Winbush's house, we saw a sign that said "Gatorland - 1 mile" and decided we would go! :) Gatorland was really neat! Alligators everywhere!

Certainly was beautiful even though we had to applu sunscreen again. :)
We also got to see the rare leucistic alligators they have there! They are even more rare than albino alligators and unlike albinos, they can have spots of pigment. Their eyes are not pink, but rather a piercing blue. There are only twelve of them in the world and it is said that looking into their eyes will bring good fortune! Way neat!

We went to the gator wrestling show where we were going to also get to ride on an alligator!
Ta da! It's Lance Irwin! Yes it's real.
This is the guy that did the show and he's joking with Lance about drinking "gator"ade. Ha ha! Don't worry, the gator's mouth is taped closed for this part.
Here we go! I am about to get on a gator! I was the first one to get on the gator after the show and by that time he was really mad about the whole thing so when I sat down, he didn't sit still like he had for the ten people before the show (including Lance). No he decided to thrash around a bit. So I had an immediate adrenaline rush and and held on super tight like Steve Irwin style until he decided to hold still for the picture. (Wish we had a video of that!)
So here is the picture when he finally decided to cooperate! Crazy!
After that we got to go through a gate to the bayou and feed the gator huge chunks of raw meat with no barrier between us! Don't throw the meat to close to the dirt or they will come out! The guide said, "If you see me run past you, you should follow and it's not a joke." Woah! ha ha!

Then we got to watch the gator jumparoo show where they string pieces of chicken out on a line over a pond and the alligators jump several feet out of the water to grab them! This is the statue at the front of the park.

Goodbye Gatorland!
After Gatorland we headed home and cleaned up for our long awaited dine in movie! It was awesome! They said there are only 8 of these Dine In AMCs in the US right now, but they want to build more. We thought it was awesome! The chairs are super comfy, you have a wide variety of food styles on the menu, the movie is loud enough that you don't hear other people talking, and it the dinner tasted great! Now I am wanting to do it again sometime at the one in Scottsdale!

What an amazing time we had! It was a beautiful honeymoon and we are so grateful that we were able to go! We are more in love each day and learn from each other so much. Thank heavens that our Heavenly Father helps us learn and watches over us. :)