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Giveaway Time!

Well this is post #100 on our lovely little blog so let's celebrate! Who doesn't like a giveaway right? Well I am having one right now! Check out Freckled Lemonade Photography on Facebook by following this link:!/pages/Freckled-Lemonade-Photography/199509740109798

Follow the guidelines for entries and WIN! :) Hooray!

Sometimes is not All the Time.

Sometimes you have two years of school left and you have to sit in a room for eight hours straight for classes... Sometimes your work schedule of your three part time jobs and your husband's work schedule clash so you don't see each other except for a few hours when you are sleeping next to each other... Sometimes you work on homework for hours and you don't even seem to make a dent in what you still have to do. Sometimes you are doing a photoshoot that took you a month to finally schedule and then you SD card fails mid shoot and you even lose the pictures you already took... Sometimes it's just a bad week.

But sometimes is not ALL the time.

All the time I try to remember that finishing school will help me in life and I am blessed to be able to do it. All the time I need to remember that it's a good thing that we have work and can pay for what we need. All the time I am so happy to sleep next to my husband. All the time I get the satisfaction of an artist when I look at the photos I have taken for people. All the time I am thankful for a husband who will drive me to Walmart at midnight to get me ice cream and make me smile.

And all the time IS all the time, even though sometimes is not. I get to be with him ALL the time.


If Every Child in the World Had an Aunt Eva...

There would be world peace and utter contentment... As my family has the only Aunt Eva, we like to soak her up any chance we get! Aunt Eva and Uncle Joe live in North Carolina, but they recently decided to get a part time condo in AZ! HOORAY! So Aunt Eva visited about a week ago to look for some furniture for their condo. It was so nice to visit with her!

Super Hero Day at Chick Fil A!

And I went all out! :) Superwoman worked Chick Fil A liked a champion that day!

Three is a Magic Number

The 14th of August made it three months that I have been sealed to my best friend... So I woke him up with a little breakfast in bed and a candy poster...
It was very romantic with the milk in these lovely glasses... :) ha ha
Yes, I tried to write I "heart" U on the toaster strudles in frosting. It sort of worked. :) The picture was for his locker at work.
Well we had a nice Sunday and then on Tuesday, as my gift, we took a day trip (which is another awesome perk of my husband working for US Airways) and went to San Diego... Here he is being charming. :)
We went through Little Italy and stopped at a restaurant that one of his coworkers had recommended for lunch. When you walk in, it only looks like a tiny bakery, but squeeze through to the back and WOW it opens up into a dim lit lovely little nook where delicious food is served!

Yes, that is my MONSTER meatball that came on my spaghetti!
This is the place and we highly recommend it if you are ever visiting San Diego!
We then took the trolley and the bus over to Mission Beach.
We set up camp there and played, napped, and kissed in the sun on the sand...

What a hunk!

Well it was amazing! Just what I needed to give me a boost before school. I am so grateful for the marriage I have with my sweetheart.

Date Night

So for date night last week, Lance and I used our rewards card at Red Robin for a free appetizer with our meal and then we mosied on over to the dollar theater! We had never been there before and they had tons of statues of famous actors and singers! They even had statues of Lance and I!

We saw the movie "Green Lantern" and Lance thought it was alright, but I rather enjoyed it. It was fun! Plus we found out they do a free movie night every month! So doing that!

Photo Source

A Night of Pictures and SubZero Fun!

So since I am a photographer, I am constantly lookinf for locations to shoot pictures. So a little over a week ago, I made my husband dress up and come with me to test out some places to shoot pictures. They all turned out great!

Yes we shot all the pictures ourselves. We are like magicians with a tripod! :) So now that I have some new location ideas, if you want pictures done please contact me! Then afterward we went to SubZero which was sooo COOL! (literally) They dump the base and flavors and toppings in a bowl...
Spray it with nitrogen so it freezes right before you eyes...
And BAM! They created icecream to your exact specifications as you watched! So neat!
Turned out to be a great adventure of a night!

The Cure

There are some things only Swedish meatballs can fix...

Getting Some Sun!

Well technically it's just light from a UV lamp, but same difference. Our little turtles are so funny. It's so nice to hear a "clunk clink" when we walk in the door as they swim against the glass excited to see us. It's also really funny to catch them sunning themselves because if you move too fast and they see you, they dive bomb into the water! SPLASH! :)