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Awesome Weekend Things & Winner

So here are some of our awesome weekend things:

My husband made friends with one of our neighbors who works for Snapfish! He is suuuper nice and let Lance have two free prints! Lance slyly asked me which were my favorite pictures from our Hawaii trip, so I told him. He got them printed and surprised me with them a few weeks ago! Then a week ago Lance and I went yard sailing and successfully found huge frames that were just the right size for awesome prices! Finally, this weekend, I pried out all of the 100 wood staples (since both frames had been professionally framed) to put our pictures in! TA DA...

I am so excited to put them up somewhere... I just don't know where yet. :) I also had my little brother, Jonas with me. Back in February for his birthday, Lance and I promised him a ride in our friend's Porsche (since Jonas LOVES cars). He seemed disinterested when he opened it, but about a month ago he found the card again and has been bugging us to take him. :) So we decided this would be birthday present weekend. He was with me at my grandma's while I framed the pictures and he kept saying how he wanted to keep the old tattered matting so he could put a picture up in his room. Well my Grandma gave him a little frame with a rocking horse on it so he could frame something. Then Jonas and I headed home to the apartment to wait for Lance to get off of work. While I worked on some pictures from a photoshoot I had done earlier, he put on the movie Rio. After a while I noticed that he wasn't watching the movie though. He was sitting and coloring something with a very concentrated look on his face. As the movie credits were rolling, he came over and showed me what he had been doing. He had been drawing me to put up in the frame in his room...
Yeah so what if my heart melted into a little puddle. Anyway, the next morning, Jonas was up by six ready to go... Lance and I were not. Ha ha. After a bit we got up and made breakfast. Finally we headed out to take JJ on his Porsche ride... he was only a LOT excited. So we arrived and JJ brought his bunny, James, with him. (sidenote: About a year ago I surprised Jonas and took him to Build A Bear to make a stuffed animal because he was the only one in my family who hadn't gone. He made James... I am proud to say James is still his favorite toy and gets dragged EVERYWHERE... even to Sweden this past summer. James was even at my wedding wearing a tuxedo that matched JJ's. I am so glad I took him to make James!) So here they are getting in!
After some driving, we pulled over to take some pictures and JJ was very excited to sit in the driver's seat!

Jonas' favorite things about the car were the red brake callipers,
the spoiler,
the yellow seat belts, and the yellow stitching in the leather!
We had an awesome time!
And the car was waay neat! :)
After our joy ride, we went to Bahama Bucks to take Jonas to the infamous "place where you get umbrellas in your drink." He loved that too! He had Key Lime Pie and Lance and I shared the same flavor we always get- Strawberry Daiquiri with cream!
I love his little toothless smile. He has one front tooth growing in, the other still gone, and two teeth gone on the bottom too! :)
So needless to say, it was fun. We also had a huge family dinner Sunday night which was a blast! On to the My Memories Giveaway winner:

Drum roll please...

Number 8 is:

Congrats Katherine! Email me to claim your prize! Thanks to everyone who participated!

My Life is Magic

Sometimes I wonder at my life, it seems to be so full of things that can't be real. A husband who truly loves me who I get to be with forever, a family who supports us no matter what, and all the beautiful things that sprinkle the rest of my life like magic dust... That seems to be the only explanation- My life is magic. Not the Harry Potter kind (however much I love Harry Potter). No, rather the sometimes-each-moment-is-almost-too-good-to-be-true-but-it-is-true kind of magic. So I just sit sometimes and think about the majesty of the magic in our lives. It's like God is just waiting for more ways to bless us all... So that's my life in a tiny nutshell. My life is magic.
This week I got to have a wonderful date night with my husband and we went to Romano's Macaroni Grill for dinner. Neither of us had ever been there and it was delicious!
You get to draw on your table and so this was my hubby's drawing! :)
And this was mine...

We basically had a fantastic time and it reminded me to look out for the magic and not focus on the frustration life can sometimes bring. If you focus on the bad things, you might just miss the magic.

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Nice Things & Halloween

I guess sometimes I underestimate how incredible my husband can be... Like on days when I have been at school ALL day and I come home thinking, "Maybe I can just munch some saltines and go to bed because I'm too tired to fix anything." Then I walk in the door to a table set with spaghetti and meatballs, salad, bread, fruit, and a paper towel rose at my place setting....
And when he sets up, he sets up very nice. Look how fancy the canned oranges looked! :)
He is just so nice to me and I certainly do love him. Speaking of nice things, for our last mutual (weekly activity for the 12-18 year old girls at church) we had to think of something fun to do for Halloween. I am one of the young womens leaders you see. And yes, in case you are wondering, they just thought I was a new young woman the first day I went in and not a leader. :) Anyway, I remembered seeing the BOO poem on Ashley's blog The Shine Project. I then also thought of someone else (forgive me for not remembering which blog because it was a while back) mentioning that the young women heart attacked then to welcome them into their ward. I thought this would be a perfect combination! So we made Halloween cupcakes and BOOed several new people in our ward leaving the BOO poem signed "Your new friends from the ward." It was fun to see the young women come screaming and running for my truck after ringing every door bell. :)

It was a fun activity for Halloween! Plus... Lance and I are going to have the most AWESOME Halloween costumes... Just you wait. :)
P.S. Like the new layout or no?

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A Different Kind of Date That Matters

So one of the things that I have discovered in marriage (and from watching my parents) is that a weekly date is very important and helpful in keeping two married people as in love and sane as ever. Some weeks, I just know I'll be ok if I can hang on until date night. Dates really matter! But last Friday, my parents, who go on a date every Friday night, called me asking me to babysit my little brother. Usually Jonas (7 years old) gets left with my 11 and 15 year old sisters, but they had a school function all night. As I was heading over I remembered how once Jonas had complained about how mom and dad go on dates, Lance and I go on dates, Kaj (our brother in Utah) goes on dates, KineBritt (our 15 year old sister) will get to go on dates soon too, but he never gets to go on dates. So I decided, it would be date night for Jonas and I. I told him to dress nice in a button up shirt and church pants and shoes and we were going to go somewhere extra fancy... He was so excited that he put a tuxedo on his stuffed rabbit, James, and brought him along.
Then we headed out for... Olive Garden! Jonas has never been anywhere really nice like that so I briefed him on etiquette on our way over. He was literally ecstatic when he saw where we were eating. "Mathea (our 10 year old sister) says this place has really yummy minty chocolates you get after dinner!" was the first exclamation from him! Then as we waited for our food he carefully ate about 4 bread sticks without placing his elbows on the table. "This bread is sooo good!" after every single one. As I ate my salad, I rolled the olives onto his plate because I don't like them and he does. He picked one up and said, "Take my picture! I have an olive at Olive Garden! Get it?"
Needless to say I had a BLAST with my sweet little brother, hoarding his adorableness all to myself for a night. And yes, he loved the minty chocolates!
After dinner, we snagged a bag of cotton candy from Target's $1 section and went home to watch "Puss in Boots" with it. Of course we had to make some mustaches as well. Basically the whole night was wonderful and I even though it was a different kind of date, I could see how much it mattered. I love my baby brother so much! :)

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Mr. Build It

I believe it is time for me to show you a taste of just how awesome my husband's Mr. Build It skills are... He built this for me when I mentioned I loved the one my parents had. It's a magazine rack for the bathroom! I love the hearts in the sides!
His pride and joy of this project was how he successfully created and put in graduating dowels (normal speak - that each of the little bars gets thicker) and I agree it is a fantastic touch. I love wood-working myself, but I haven't really had time to get into it since I built a grandfather clock back in high school. My husband is so good with the little details and he could teach me so much!
So the finished project now sits in our bathroom and it looks fan-stinkin-tastic! :)
Another thing he built recently was this shoe rack for our jacket closet. Now the shoes aren't all over the place! He also built two more of these that were longer to go in our bedroom closet so all of our shoes are organized! Isn't it neat? He cut each piece and perfectly drilled through to hold them together with dowels. Yep... He is my awesome Mr. Build It. He is also currently working on two other projects, so stay tuned to see more neat creations!

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Some Family Lovin'

I love my family. A lot. SO I wanted to introduce to you to part of them. These are my parents. I took these pictures of them last weekend.
My dad taught all 5 of us kids to speak Swedish fluently by never speaking English to us since birth. (He learned Swedish fluently from serving a mission there for our church when he was 19 - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints).
My mom is a lawyer and has her own business doing estate planning. She is brilliant.
My dad is a high school English teacher and a HUGE Civil War relic collector... which explains why I love to write and why I am also a Civil War buff. My mom is an amazing seamstress. She sewed all of my bridesmaids dresses.
This is the older of my two younger sisters, KineBritt. She is a walking encyclopedia. Literally... Don't mess with her.
She is the sweetest girl and is quite fierce about her passions.
Just some candids of my parents...

And then you have Lance and I at the reception luncheon :)
Wish I had pictures of my other siblings from this trip, but they weren't at temple square this time so I'll have to introduce the other 3 in another post sometime. This is a neat shot I took of the conference center.
Playing with the bubbles from the reception... Love how this turned out.
Families can be together forever... and if that's not a happy beginning and ending, I don't know what is.

My Aunt Marci

Well she is pretty much amazing... Her love and passion is decorating. Every time we visit she has completely redecorated her house and she creates all her decorations with vintage items that she restores. She is my great aunt and just like my grandma (her sister) she is very festive about holiday decorating. I LOVE it! Without further delay, here is what it looked like a week ago (Yes you may drool):

This is her kitchen table with glass top and she has filled it with pearls...

Something with spring made to display antiques :)

And this is her really neat antique view master! You put one of the cards in and it looks like you are seeing the picture in 3D! Really neat! (Dorky picture of me courtesy of my husband)
Another thing that Marci likes to decorate is Luigi... her dog who is her everything. This year for Halloween he is being a turtle. :)
And this is my Uncle Steve, Marci's husband with my parents. He is in a giant brace because he bikes to work and a few weeks ago, he was hit by a car... It would be more accurately stated to say that the car was hit by him because he is around 6' 5" and very big and strong and he actually totalled it (the whole car). There are three miracles about this accident according to my uncle Steve:

1. I should have died.
2. I should have been crippled since I didn't die.
3. I shouldn't be able to have motion like I do since I wasn't crippled and I didn't die.

I am so grateful that Heavenly Father protected him and we all love our Aunt Marci and Uncle Steve! :)