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While I'm Busy Dying (see Finals)

Feel free to be entertained by this picture of my dad holding a puppy. By the way, you know why they call it studying?... Because that's actually "student" and "dying" smashed together. Horrified? Yeah. I thought so.

One Word


Just kill me now...

Part 2: When I First Encountered Him

If you haven't read Part 1 click here to catch up.
Now we were pulling into the campground parking lot and my brains were still furiously working on solving the mystery that was this young man. I took a deep breath as my friends continued their light-hearted conversation. I wanted to be invested in what they were saying, but I was utterly distracted. He pulled up as we were all piling out of the car and I was furiously attempting to force my frozen fingers to pull on my gloves, hat, and scarf. I heard the gravel crunch beneath his feet as he approached; my heart pounding. I turned to face him, determined to keep the casual smile on my face as he said, “Hey can I walk in with you?” Except that’s not what I heard. His penetrating eyes looked straight into me and made me hear him say something more along the lines of, “Do you believe in fate?” Regardless of what was said and what was heard, I answered, “Yes,” which answered both questions correctly. So we walked silently toward the camp meeting cabin, smiling at each other through undisguised glances. I liked how it felt to have him there at my side. It was as though I had been missing something for my whole existence and now I knew what it was, but not consciously. I felt as though he actually loved me, which was ridiculous, since we hadn’t even had time to delve into an actual, flowing conversation yet. It wasn’t supposed to be so easy to feel loved; at least not that I knew of.
The bright lights flowed over us as we stepped into the cabin together and people looked over nonchalantly to see who had arrived. I pulled my gloves off and shoved them into the pocket of my leather jacket, but my hands still trembled ever so slightly. It wasn’t from the cold anymore though. The fire in the fire place warmed the cabin sufficiently to keep the cold outside and the hot chocolate being passed around took care of any chill that tried to linger. He began to talk with me in a corner of the cabin and yet all the while our eyes seemed to be saying different things that the words that were passing out from our lips. A hum of chatter and music suddenly filled the cabin to interrupt us. The camp out activities began and we separated to find our friends, but something else had begun as well.

A Little Sleepover

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We certainly did and I'll post about it soon! In other news, we had my baby brother spend the night with us last week. He had the whole week off for a Fall Break and when my mom asked him what he wanted to do he said, "Play with Siri!" So he came over one evening and we read with him. His favorite books right now are The Diary of a Wimpy Kid books so we were laughing as we took turns reading one of those.

The next day Jonas immediately wanted to decorate our house. He was very disturbed by the fact that I still had a pumpkin gel cling on our window and took it down. He then made Lance get out all of our Christmas decorations. So those will be up soon! We then had a picnic for lunch in the park area of out apartment complex! Lance cooked bacon and eggs and I fixed up Swedish pancakes so we had breakfast for lunch!
Lance stealing Jonas' bacon...
We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather. There was a breeze that was just perfect like a spring day (except we get them in November). We blew bubbles as Jonas chased them around.

We then played Velcro catch with the paddles, which I haven't done since I was little.
It was loads of fun!
Jonas also jump roped and we played a bit of Frisbee. I certainly do love my boys! They make my world go round. Just miss my brother who is in Utah a lot!
We had so much fun... as always!

Part 1: When I First Encountered Him

So I was inspired by Kara from Not a Couple's Blog to write out the story of my husband and I. Yes there is a tab at the top of my blog that tells our story, but it is GREATLY abridged. So, as all the details are still fresh in my mind, I want to write it all. So here is Part 1 of The Story of Us:

It was a cold October afternoon as I stepped into the car with my girlfriends to head up to our church campout. We chatted busily about how fun the much anticipated evening was going to be and made a quick stop to get some dinner before getting on the freeway. That is where we saw him. In case you are wondering who he is, I must be honest when I say that I didn’t really know. I had only met him for about ten seconds that previous Monday and we had only talked a few brief times since then. Among those few conversations, however, I had, for some reason, agreed to drive back with him from the campout on Friday after the activities. He couldn’t stay the night because he had work early on Saturday morning, but didn’t want to drive home alone so late in the evening. What could it hurt? At least that would afford time to talk and discover who he truly was.

As we all came back out from getting our food and clamored into our car again, I watched him open the driver’s door of his car, but he stopped and stood there, watching our car as though he was dying to say something. He had wanted me to drive up with him, but one of my girlfriends had flatly refused to let me since I was already going with him for the drive back. Part of me wished I had gone with him anyway. I watched his face through the tinted window as we pulled away, heading to our destination. Something inside the deepest portion of my soul seemed to whisper in the quietest voice, “Who is he?” but another whisper seemed to answer, “You already know him.”

The girls blasted loud music on our trip and I laughed along with them, but my mind was wrapped around him. The vision of him from Monday seemed burned into my mind – He was there leaning against a table, wearing a green t-shirt with a short scruff of a beard on his chiseled jaw. He looked like a colorful statue with his deep brown eyes piercing me as if to strip away all pretenses. The smile on his face seemed to be connected to his very heart strings, completely sincere. I almost choked when I tried to talk to him, but I hadn’t. No, I had kept my composure and walked away.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

Woo hoo! It's finally out on DVD! Who else got it? I am rereading the books and am currently stuck on book 4 because of school, but come winter break and I will finish them! :) Here is my favorite movie poster by the way!

A Little Family Time

Nowadays I like to escape the homework lair (our apartment) whenever I can, so the other day I went to have lunch at Costco with my dad and little brother. We had some pizza and I took this interesting picture of my little brother (Jonas). :) He didn't want me to get his funny teeth in the picture since he lost basically all of the front ones and some of them are starting to grow in. I think they look pretty cute all crooked and funny.
I stopped by the house too and Jonas was all too excited to show my the cookies that they had made for a family activity. This cookie was supposed to be him. :)
And surprise surprise! They even made a Lance cookie and a Siri cookie! Gotta love it!
P.S. If you live in AZ and you are stressing about Christmas card pictures, please send me a message because I would love to do them for you and I have a blogger friend discount!

Package Pals!

Package Pals reveal time is here! Woot! So this fall I participated in Package Pals from Gentri Lee's blog and I was partnered with Katherine from Australia! Her blog is called Through My Looking Glass if you want to check it out! Anyway it was so much fun to get to know this girl and see a little of what her life is like in the land down under! :) I sent her a package (and clumsy me forgot to write little notes in it explaining why I sent what I did) that had several things that are special to me. Since Katherine and I both agreed that Australia is much better than Arizona, I sent her gifts that had more to do with things close to my heart, rather than things pertaining to Arizona. I sent her a breast cancer pen because someone I love very much has breast cancer and I want to spread the encouragement to fight it!
My favorite holiday is Christmas because of the beautiful family time and the feeling I get from knowing my Savior lives. To share a bit of early Christmas spirit, I sent a countdown gingerbread house decoration. I just though it was adorable!
I also sent some of my favorite childhood candies... totally a classic - Smarties! (in a cute collectible tin)
To top it off I sent dessert flavored packs of gum, which are my latest incredible discovery and packed it all in colored paper. I thought it looked pretty good... until I got my package.
Wow! Her package just looked beautiful! It was incredible! All these special little things with hand stamped notes explaining their significance!
The fifty cent piece was so neat and my hubby instantly claimed it for his coin collection! :) I adored the little hand painted clothes pins and the notebook too! Lance and I were super excited that she included a magnet from Sydney to include in our fridge magnet collection!
This was the cutest thing! She sent me a little hair pin from her favorite place called Mimco! It's so cute and I have worn it so many times already!
It was so much fun to be a part of this neat activity and I truly LOVED making friends with Katherine! She is a brilliant girl with a determination to get out of life all that it has to offer. I truly can't wait to meet her when I go to Australia someday! :) Thanks for being my Package Pal Katherine!

Snip Snip!

I always wanted to be one of those wives that is good at everything... But I'm not. On a good note, I am determined to become so. One of the things I tried my hand at was trimming the sides of Lance's hair. This wasn't too bad, until last week when he decided I was giving him a full haircut. YIKES! Needless to say I was worried that my husband would have bald spots or something by the time I was done. His hair was getting curly and definitely needed a cut, but he does his hair in a sort of fohawk and I didn't see how an untrained hair dresser like myself could possibly get it right! So even though it took me forever to do, he went from this...
To this... My confidence was boosted because even though it wasn't close to perfect, he didn't have any bald spots!
So the most adventurous thing that I have done lately is give my hubby a haircut. What adventurous things have you done lately?

I Am So Grateful...

that I can go to the temple with my wonderful husband and feel the spirit there. It is such an amazing feeling. I am also so grateful that he holds my hand everywhere we go. :)

What are you so grateful for?


So one thing that has made me very happy recently is the new season of the only TV show that I actually watch... BONES! :) For the season opener I finished class in Tempe and drove straight out to Glendale where Sampson, Angela, and more of my ASU friends were anxiously waiting for me so they could start the show! (sorry for the phone pictures)
This was a very serious matter and they had to take the necessary precautions.
Needless to say, IT WAS AWESOME! The entire culmination of my Bones watching career has been waiting for these episodes where Bones and Booth are finally together and can admit that they love each other. And they are still and unstoppable crime team!
It was a very special occasion so we even broke out the sparkling cider afterward in celebration!
Welcome back Bones! I've missed you!


Lately I realized that "just because flowers" are the best kind of flowers to get. :) Yay for the best hubby ever!
Lately I realized that sometimes shooting the most random picture turns out really neat.
Lately I realized that date night is the only thing that motivates me to get through the week sometimes!
Lately one of our date nights was a double date with my parents because it was my mom's birthday! Happy birthday mom!
Lately my love for my husband has grown as we have spent time together. He is the best.

And lately I offered my blog friends an awesome deal for their Christmas card pictures! Check out the post below! Have a lovely day guys! What have you done lately?

Casa Grande Triathlon

Saturday was Lance's triathlon is Casa Grande! It was so wonderful to get to be there and support him, only this time as his wife! Last year when I went to it to cheer him on, it was our second date. Because of this we thought it only fitting to converse the whole car ride to Casa Grande as though we were once again on a second date and didn't know each other. We were left in fits of giggles and it was very fun. So here are the shots I took:

The pair of us before he had to go suit up for the swim.
Here he is in the swim portion! He swam like a champion, beating his goal, despite the road block of four swimmers jamming up in the lane in front of him!
Next he ran over and changed for the biking portion... Here he is flashing the wifey the "I love you" sign as he heads off. I love him so. :)
This was my favorite biking picture from the race. (Yes, I took them all)
And finally, he got back from the bike ride and took off for the running portion. As I waited at the finish for him, I watched the exhausted triathletes run slowly to the finish line, so happy to be done. My husband, however, took some encouragement shouted to him a little ways before the finish line to heart and he BLASTED through the finish so quickly that the announcer even said, "Wow what an incredible finish! That's the way to do it!"
Yep, that's my boy.
So here is the victory shot! He did it!
And he said I was a good cheerleader/photographer/motivator!
So you wanna know how my handsome fella did overall against the other competitors? Well he placed 22nd out of the hundreds who competed! He finished in 1 hour and 7 minutes exactly and if you calculate in the fact that the wind was blowing insanely, he could've done it faster given better circumstances. He is incredible!
So what was his trick to stay one step ahead of the wind and not get a dry throat like everyone else? Honey... literally. He took a huge drink in between each part and at the end. Ha ha! Some runners drink water, some drink gatorade, but my runner drinks honey. He is my honey!
So here is the victory picture as we headed over to IKEA for a lunch to replicate our after triathlon date from last year. :)
This is not all the neatness from the triathlon though. Have you ever seen this video? It's called Dayton's Legs. If you haven't seen it, please watch it before looking at the rest of the post. Seriously, it is probably going to be the most beautiful thing you see today. (except your loved ones of course) Just watch it.

Ok are you crying now? Good. I can't even explain how I choke up when I even think about Dayton and Spencer. Well here is the other neatness... Spencer and Dayton were in Lance's triathlon last year. We watched the whole thing and wondered what the background story behind this loving pair of friends was. Well this video came out and suddenly we realized it was the boys from Lance's race. And this year, they were back for more. I choked back the tears as I saw Dayton coming to the finish of the biking portion. I believe that's his dad pulling him.
Then came the infamous friends streaking toward the finish line as the little crowd around them burst into cries of joy and encouragement. I cried when I saw how hard Lance ran as he finished the race as well. Then after he had a chance to breathe, he walked over to shake Dayton and Spencer's hands. We met them and Lance told them how well they had done. I tried not to sob while Lance talked with Spencer for a while. Wow, it was really a fantastic triathlon indeed. My husband is my hero.

Random Recentness

Here are some random recent pictures of our life. I don't have and iPhone so I can't do it all cutesy like some other awesome bloggers, but I think this will do just fine. :)

Here are the ghosts that my 7-year-old brother made for us to put up as Halloween decorations. If you look closely, you will notice that it is a Lance and a Siri ghost. He drew cones on Lance's shirt for working with the airplanes and a Chick Fil A badge on mine (even though I had to quit there a month ago). I think he will sort of perpetually see me as working there since that's where I worked in high school and he remembers most.
Here is what I saw when I got off the on ramp to the freeway the other day. Notice the other cars. Yeah I freaked out... until I realized it was a semi being towed by another semi... Good gracious.
Here is my Starburst art that I made in class the other day when my teacher was lecturing us on something that had nothing to do with anything. It seems like that is quite frequent at this level of school. They don't teach anything relevant and then send us home to do research papers. Oh well.
This is my water bottle that I asked Lance to put some Lemonade in so I could have some sugar to keep me awake while doing homework. He brought it back with graffiti on it. "Beauty", "Love", and "Happiness" were written around the top. He basically brought me the fountain of youth lemonade!
And I just thought this was funny because someone obviously made a typo on the price tag. It was the same DVD as all the ones next to it, which were $24.95. It just made me chuckle. :)
Have a beautiful Sunday everyone!