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Happy New Year (A Little Late)

On New Year's Eve, I picked Lance up from work and we headed over to our friends' house where my family was already waiting. We played Jeopardy on the Wii until midnight and then had our countdown...
Then BAM! 2012! And my first New Year's kiss with my husband. (I kissed him last New Year's, but we were engaged, not married) I look ridiculous because I'm trying not to laugh.
And my parents' New Year's kiss!
Finally we headed home and swung by Castles and Coasters to say goodbye to Kaj since he was leaving in the morning to head up to BYU Idaho. It was good to have him home!
My hubs was very tired by the time we got home... He is not really a night owl like, but he sure is cute! Happy New Year! Make 2012 a great year!