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Visit to Vegas

So the day before school started (Jan 5th - Dang ASU for starting so early) Lance and I decided to hop on a plane somewhere (Ah that benefits of my hubby working for US Airways can be so sweet). A lot of flights were full (we can only travel by stand by) because people were going home from their holiday vacations, but we decided that we would go to Vegas and see Lance's sister, Leyla! We were going to go with her to the Vegas temple, but alas it was closed for cleaning, so we walked around and took pictures instead.

Brother and sister!
Snapped this through the trees branches. I just love this temple!
There you go! A great brother and sister picture! :)
Loved seeing the temple!
Overall we had a fun day! We got to have lunch with Leyla and her husband, Mike. We also got to see our nieces and nephews as they got home from school. Lance got very competitive with the Wii wake boarding game. :) It was so nice to take a last hurrah trip before school and see such great people who we love!