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Happy Late Valentine's Day!

Ok so I know that Valentine's Day can tend to be a bit of a controversy. In fact a lot of one. But here is a quote from one of my friends that I tend to agree with:

"Wow. So many people are hating on a day of love. People are so bitter about being single, but as soon as someone gives them love, they aren't bitter anymore."

I had school on Valentine's Day and all day I heard things like, "It's not Valentine's Day! It's single awareness day!" and, "Forget Valentine's Day! It's Arizona's birthday!" and a lot of other things that weren't as mild about trashing Valentine's Day. I just kept thinking, "Why NOT have a special day randomly in February to make sure you remind your loved one how much you really care?" Granted we should do it all the time, but having special days can just be fun and break the routine. Besides, if we are supposed to do loving things every day, why would we not do them just because it's Valentine's Day?

My sweet hubby writes me notes, buys me flowers randomly, snuggles me, and takes me on dates. On Valentine's Day he did all of those things, and it did not diminish any of those random times. It just made for a really awesome day that I needed. And if you will recall, last year my car broke down on Valentine's Day and we saw a movie that turned out to be horrible. So, this year was my first year with my Lance as my hubby and it was wonderful! My first really great Valentine's Day. Basically all I'm saying is that we should just go with the flow and love on every day... including Valentine's Day.

Oh and Lance got me Samoa girl scout cookies instead of a box a chocolates! What a smart man!