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Horse Back Riding

Sounds fun eh? It was! We got to go about two weeks ago (yes I'm behind on blogging) and go horse back riding with Lance's coworker and his girlfriend who have horses! It was nice because I have been really clinging to our weekly dates to keep me happy. Our schedules are opposite so we hardly ever see each other and I also have hours of homework to depress me, so date night is the best time of the week to me. I LOVE IT! Here is my handsome cowboy! He was so excited that he got out his Wranglers, big belt buckle, and cowboy hat.
Getting ready to ride after brushing and cleaning off the horses.
Here is Lance and his friend, Lio who works with him. They are pretty funny together. It was so much fun to be there so I am glad that they invited us.
This is just a shot I liked of their horse that I rode. Love the spots!