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Little Surprises

Well I guess I should win the "Blogger who is currently Slacking Most" because I literally have no motivation to blog what with school driving me insane. I want so badly to have a break. I'm talking SUMMER... Oh well. Give it about two months and I'll be free for that break and I will sleep like there's no tomorrow. Some day my hubby and I will have similar schedules and will actually get eight hours of sleep each night. So here, is a little update.

First, Mr. Baxter works daily to make my school-haunted life have some spontaneity and surprise in it. Some of you may recall that the last time I opened my gallon of ice cream, there was a love message carved into it. Well now it's the butter. Here is what I found when I opened the butter the other day. :)
I also mentioned once several weeks ago that I wanted to get a spoon holder for the stove so I didn't make such a mess when cooking. Well, lo and behold I came home to a new spoon holder and note just the other day. I love when my hubs thinks of me in sweet little ways like that.