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Of Late...

So I may be a little behind on blogging, but I am determined to catch up since it makes me happy to blog and not to do homework. Thus I can bribe myself with blogging to get a little homework done (ok a LOT of homework done). So lately here's what's been happening:

My baby brother decided that he really wanted to go bowling for his birthday, so my whole family went. I haven't been bowling in years and it was a blast! Here are my two sisters and my baby brother...
And here are my parents, Lance, and I...
Lance and I were also very excited for Leap Day! We took this pictures especially for it and we also wrote ourselves letters that we can't open until the next Leap Day.
Lance also spoiled me and got me the Kermit I have been drooling over as a "Leap" day gift! Get it? Frog? Leap? :) Hee hee I am such a lucky girl!
I also got new business cards for my photography and I love them! Quirky and unique!
I have been missing my friends (who bought me this claddagh ring for my birthday two years ago) and so I took this picture and sent it to them. I really hope I get to see them over the summer!
And last (for now), but certainly not least, I voted! It's important! Go vote! :)