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Part 4: When I First Encountered Him

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Some part of me had always disliked it when boys asked me to dance by wordlessly holding out their hand and gesturing toward the dance floor. It was as though I was a child or a pet that they supposed would listen to them without being asked. Now in the crowded log cabin with a slow song beginning to play, I stared frozen into a pair of scintillating brown eyes. It felt as though he knew what I was thinking because he opened his lips and asked, “Would you like to dance with me?” I don’t remember speaking or even nodding, but I wanted to and the next thing I knew, he was leading me back out into the middle of the dance floor.

Somehow the noise faded away and I couldn’t even really tell what song was playing. I was simply following his lead. My hand in his felt as though it was receiving light electric shock every few moments from realizing what it was touching. After all the strange, unexplainable feelings I had felt about this young man, it was all I could do not to stare blatantly at his charming smile. He twirled me around and finally dipped me at the end of the song. As I dreamily walked back to the tables at the back of the room, one of my friends gave me a disapproving look. She was already frustrated that I was not spending the night because of this young man and now stealing me away for a dance too was apparently a capital offence. Another friend nudged me in the ribs and gave a look as if to say, “You sly dog!” I was nothing of the sort, but I smiled, glad that I had friends who loved me and sat quietly as though my mind had just been left in the middle of the dance floor.