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Life as a (Puppy) Mommy

1. When training puppy, beware of looks like this one:

They will make you want to give your puppy anything. This is not conducive to training. Stay strong!

2. When puppy falls asleep on you with her face all squished into chocolate wrinkles, feel free to laugh. It's healthy.

3. Mind your heart. You will lose it quickly.

4. When you bake delicious 4th of July cupcakes with bits of strawberry in them, she will sit by your feet hoping for some until she eventually falls asleep. Good job for not giving in! Cupcakes are not good for puppies.

5. Puppy will find your favorite place to sleep and realize your ingenuousness. Lance's arms are incredibly comfy.

6. You may realize that your husband is more attractive (even though you didn't think that was possible because he is so stinkin hot) holding an adorable puppy. :)

Conclusion: Life is better with a puppy in my heart.