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I Mustache You a Question

Yikes, I feel so sad about how I have so many other things going lately (majorly school/student teaching) that I haven't been able to blog like I used to. I am determined not to quit though, because I have seen the benefits of blogging so here goes nothing. Lately things have been like a whirlwind! I have been doing well in school and am proud of myself for it. I also was able to surprise my husband for his birthday with a Mustache Bash! It turned out awesome!

I had multiple pictures with Lance and his mustaches around the party. We had lollipop mustaches.

We had mustache glass bottle coke with mustache straws.

We had mustaches everywhere!

We had mustache cupcakes!

Even our kitchen clock got into the spirit!

We played pin the mustache on Lance, played a Mustache Memory card game that I created, had a photo booth area with props, and had a wooden frame painting station (to put the photo booth pictures in).

Everyone loved the photo booth! It was all so much fun!

Me and my birthday boy!

I am so glad we were able to surprise him for his birthday and make it a memorable one!

I also did a little photo shoot for his birthday just to remember the day... I must say, this picture makes me want to swoon. I don't know how I got this hunk, but I sure am glad that I did! He makes everyday better and has truly shown me the meaning of selfless love and patience. I love him!

Life is not easy, but living with love makes it beautiful.