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Crafty Crafty Me :)

Here is my latest creation. We have been insanely busy with house hunting, but I thought I should post this since it turned out so cute.

Foam wreath = $2
Yarn =$1
Wooden "Love" = $0.50
Flowers = $0.25
Total for new wreath = $3.75

All I did was tightly wrap the yarn around the foam wreath and hot glued parts on the back so it wouldn't come undone. Then I glued on the flowers. Lastly, I painted the little wooden word "Love" and hot glued it on as well! You could really do a lot with this idea! Loved it!

Latest Photography!

Here's the latest of my photography! These shoot sure were a blast!

Uninteresting at The Moment

So my life has not been very blog worthy interesting of late because of school, but I promise exciting posts to come! Don't give up on me! I will return!

My Crazy Answers

So Ali from Our Happily Ever After tagged me in a question game, and it's taken me a while to answer back because of school. Finally, I have answered the questions so here they are!

1. Who is your biggest inspiration?
Jesus Christ
2. What's the biggest milestone you've crossed so far?
Marrying my best friend for time and all eternity...
Photo by Mark Mabry (yes he did our wedding pics)

3. Where's your favorite place to eat?
Olive Garden!

4. Do you work out? And if you do, how often?
I work out about 4 - 5 times a week. So proud of myself for keeping it up!

5.If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Probably back to Sweden. I love it there, especially going with Lance.

6. What's your favorite guilty pleasure food?
Samoa Girl Scout Cookies!!!

7. Do you believe in New Year's Resolutions? If so, do you keep them?
I do believe in New Year's Resolutions and I do keep them. One year my goal was to go to the temple every single week, and I only missed four weeks out of the whole year because I had surgery. I loved going so often!

8. What's your favorite vacation you've taken?
Wow, that's really hard! Seeing as how we can fly a lot, I love the vacations Lance and I have taken to Hawaii, Orlando (honeymoon), and Sweden the best!

9. What's your favorite Disney song?
"Beauty and the Beast"

10. Do you have a favorite Broadway play (musical or non-musical)?
Definitely "Wicked" which Lance and I are going to see in a month!!!

11. What's your favorite comfort food?
This is going to sound weird, but my favorite comfort food is Pizza Hut Thin Crust Pizza. Lance can tell when I am having a really bad day because I'll ask if we can order it.

I think everyone else has pretty much been tagged so I'll just leave it with the answers! Thanks Ali!

The Brass Armadillo

I went to hang out with my family and we ate a delicious dinner at Culver's! Here is my little twin and not so much twin. :) We look alike and then again we don't.
We also went to The Brass Armadillo to look for a necklace for my mom and it was so fun! They have so much incredible stuff and it so fun just to walk and up the aisles and peruse things! Here is my funny little brother and the hat lady we found! If you have a Brass Armadillo near you, it's a great date night! :)


We have been married now for eight months and a few days... Let me tell you my friends, it just keeps getting better. The giggles, the snuggling, the dating, the smiles... they will never get old. Each day we simply grow to understand each other better and fall more in love. I am eternally grateful for my wonderful husband and the unimaginable blessing he is in my life. He knows just how to love me and make my day! I am so happy to be his... Happy OCHO month anniversary honey! You are my everything!
What are you grateful for?

Visit to Vegas

So the day before school started (Jan 5th - Dang ASU for starting so early) Lance and I decided to hop on a plane somewhere (Ah that benefits of my hubby working for US Airways can be so sweet). A lot of flights were full (we can only travel by stand by) because people were going home from their holiday vacations, but we decided that we would go to Vegas and see Lance's sister, Leyla! We were going to go with her to the Vegas temple, but alas it was closed for cleaning, so we walked around and took pictures instead.

Brother and sister!
Snapped this through the trees branches. I just love this temple!
There you go! A great brother and sister picture! :)
Loved seeing the temple!
Overall we had a fun day! We got to have lunch with Leyla and her husband, Mike. We also got to see our nieces and nephews as they got home from school. Lance got very competitive with the Wii wake boarding game. :) It was so nice to take a last hurrah trip before school and see such great people who we love!

My Food Speaks to Me

Sometimes my food speaks to me... Like when I pulled my ice cream out of the freezer and saw this. Is my husband hilarious or what? :)

Happy New Year (A Little Late)

On New Year's Eve, I picked Lance up from work and we headed over to our friends' house where my family was already waiting. We played Jeopardy on the Wii until midnight and then had our countdown...
Then BAM! 2012! And my first New Year's kiss with my husband. (I kissed him last New Year's, but we were engaged, not married) I look ridiculous because I'm trying not to laugh.
And my parents' New Year's kiss!
Finally we headed home and swung by Castles and Coasters to say goodbye to Kaj since he was leaving in the morning to head up to BYU Idaho. It was good to have him home!
My hubs was very tired by the time we got home... He is not really a night owl like, but he sure is cute! Happy New Year! Make 2012 a great year!

December Recap

So since we have moved and had a crazy winter break, here is a recap of our December! First, Kaj (my brother - the 6' 5" one) came home from Utah for Christmas and we got the first family picture with all of us in it since Lance and I got married last May! I was so glad we were all together!
I got to see Cori when she came to see Lance and I sing! AND we had a fun hang out night catching up!
Lance and I sang in the Voices of Christmas Choir which is an absolutely incredible experience! We are all volunteers and we have a completely volunteer orchestra as well! If you live in Mesa, come next year!
We had our annual Santa Lucia Party! Santa Lucia is a holiday celebrating the Saint of Light for bearing hope and joy in dark times. We celebrate it with all of our Swedish friends and it's always really fun (not to mention all the delicious Swedish food).
At out church Christmas party, Lance sang a Spanish Christmas hymn in a trio! He did great and they liked his deep voice so much that they asked him to stay up there and narrate part of the children's acting out of the Nativity.
I took Lance over to see my Grandparents' (on my dad's side) home because in December it's like a Christmas museum! My Grandma collects antiques and especially Santa things! It was fun to show him all of it!
Lance and I also had the opportunity to have dinner with Sampson and her family! We love them so much and just relish the chance to be around them! Laughter is so contagious in their home! I'm so glad to have Sampson as my bestie!
We had our annual reenactment of of the Nativity story so my siblings and cousins did a great job! My youngest brother, Jonas, was a sheep! :)
On Christmas, my brother, Kaj, was ordained with the priesthood after church and tons of our family showed up to be there for him! It was so fun to have so much of our family together on Christmas!
Then after church, we opened presents and I had to snap one of my dad since he makes great "present opening" expressions.
My big gift from Lance was this time turner from Harry Potter! It was just what I wanted and I love wearing it and seeing other Harry Potter geeks faces when they realize what it is! :)
Lance and I got Jonas just what he wanted too! His very own set of seven different mustaches!
Finally Lance and I made a gingerbread house before he had to leave for work! I put Lance and I on the roof stargazing! It turned out really neat! :)
Overall we had a fantastic December, but very busy! We are now very happily situated in our new apartment!

Five Steps to A Lovely Moment of Holiday Joy

1. Go buy hot chocolate and Tim Tams (we found them at Target).
2. Make the hot chocolate and get out a Tim Tam. Proceed to bite off two corners across from each other as pictured.
3. Dip one of the open corners of the Tim Tam into your hot chocolate and suck on the other open corner until the hot chocolate reaches your mouth and you know the cookie is full.
4. Plop the whole thing into your mouth and enjoy a "Tim Tam Slam!"
5. Repeat and drink hot chocolate when finished.
*Holiday joy may be increased by drinking out of holiday mugs and listening simultaneously to holiday music!