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Our FCP!

A while ago I asked for a free crappy portrait from Free Crappy Portraits and today I finally got it! Here it is! I am so putting this up in our apartment! :)

A Casino Royale 21st Birthday!

No. Not mine. I'm not 21 yet. :) Cori, one of my best friends, had her 21st birthday recently and we celebrated with a Casino Royale themed party! It was shocking to see my husband do his hair differently for the first time ever. He looked good! Here he with the birthday girl herself!
We also learned how to play Texas Hold Em with real poker chips (that really had no value). Are you making fun of me? Hey I'm Mormon. :) I don't gamble. Overall, it was a blast and I am so glad we have our Corister. She is wonderful! Plus we got to see Hark and Meather (our friends Mark and Heather who are so in love that we smooch their names together for fun). What a fun party!

Happy Birthday JJ!

You're out of this world! Here is the alien spaceship cake I made for my little brother's birthday!

Part 3: When I First Encountered Him

If you haven't read them, here are Part 1 and Part 2...

I sat through the program as skits were performed on stage and anxiously looked across the aisle to where he sat down with his friends. Some part of my mind willed time to speed up so that we could go into the cabin and be just a little closer to each other. I was shaking. It was freezing, so under the pretense of succumbing to the cold, I snuggled under a blanket and blamed my shaking the weather. It wasn’t really the weather though. I was nervously shaking and I couldn’t think why. Actually I could, but I wouldn’t admit it to myself.

When the program finally ended, we went inside the log cabin hall for a dance. I tried to stop shivering as I stood by the fire and my friends chatted away. The music started and across the room I could just see him dancing, this boy that I couldn’t stop thinking about. He was lively… lovely. Everyone on the other side of the room seemed to be gravitating toward him and the life that was emanating from him. I decided that if he was going to notice me in that huge crowd, I would have to be as lively as he was. I would have to be myself. I stopped shivering, I turned to my friends, most of whom weren’t dancing, and I threw myself in the midst of them. I laughed as I did the Cha Cha Slide, the YMCA, the Electric Slide, and never once did I look over at the boy. I knew he was there, sometimes I thought I could even feel his dark eyes on me, but I never turned my head and looked. No matter how badly I wanted to. My friends and I had slowly begun to dance toward the tables at the back of the room as we grew tired. As one of the songs slowed down, my friend tapped me on the shoulder and I turned around, laughing, to face her. Abruptly I stopped laughing. I was staring into those same dark eyes that I had felt watching me...

Most Delicious Smoothie Ever! You Can Thank Me Now

Save this because you are going to want to try it! It's my Strawberry Lemonade Smoothie recipe!

Add into the blender:

2 cups frozen strawberries
1/2 cup of ice
2 cups lemonade
1/2 cup strawberry yogurt (or 1 container of Yoplait)

Blend and garnish with lemon... delish!
Enjoy! (especially during our AZ summers)

Happy Late Valentine's Day!

Ok so I know that Valentine's Day can tend to be a bit of a controversy. In fact a lot of one. But here is a quote from one of my friends that I tend to agree with:

"Wow. So many people are hating on a day of love. People are so bitter about being single, but as soon as someone gives them love, they aren't bitter anymore."

I had school on Valentine's Day and all day I heard things like, "It's not Valentine's Day! It's single awareness day!" and, "Forget Valentine's Day! It's Arizona's birthday!" and a lot of other things that weren't as mild about trashing Valentine's Day. I just kept thinking, "Why NOT have a special day randomly in February to make sure you remind your loved one how much you really care?" Granted we should do it all the time, but having special days can just be fun and break the routine. Besides, if we are supposed to do loving things every day, why would we not do them just because it's Valentine's Day?

My sweet hubby writes me notes, buys me flowers randomly, snuggles me, and takes me on dates. On Valentine's Day he did all of those things, and it did not diminish any of those random times. It just made for a really awesome day that I needed. And if you will recall, last year my car broke down on Valentine's Day and we saw a movie that turned out to be horrible. So, this year was my first year with my Lance as my hubby and it was wonderful! My first really great Valentine's Day. Basically all I'm saying is that we should just go with the flow and love on every day... including Valentine's Day.

Oh and Lance got me Samoa girl scout cookies instead of a box a chocolates! What a smart man!

Horse Back Riding

Sounds fun eh? It was! We got to go about two weeks ago (yes I'm behind on blogging) and go horse back riding with Lance's coworker and his girlfriend who have horses! It was nice because I have been really clinging to our weekly dates to keep me happy. Our schedules are opposite so we hardly ever see each other and I also have hours of homework to depress me, so date night is the best time of the week to me. I LOVE IT! Here is my handsome cowboy! He was so excited that he got out his Wranglers, big belt buckle, and cowboy hat.
Getting ready to ride after brushing and cleaning off the horses.
Here is Lance and his friend, Lio who works with him. They are pretty funny together. It was so much fun to be there so I am glad that they invited us.
This is just a shot I liked of their horse that I rode. Love the spots!

Clean Up!

So as I have been organizing our apartment, one of the things I FINALLY was able to clean up a bit was my husband's sand collection. He had around twenty ugly water bottles with sand in them from beaches around the world that he has visited. I wished we could display the sand, but the water bottle looked terrible so I knew I needed to come up with a new idea. I then found little glass bottles at Joann's and put sand in each one! So the collection went from something like this...
To this!
His collection looks so much better now and is proudly displayed! So glad I did that!

Valentine's Day Preparation!

I'm sure you all remember bringing Valentines for each student in your class when you were younger. Well I wish I had kids so I could help them make cute things like that, but my little brother is very creative and I got to help him make his Valentines for school this year! He found the idea in the Family Fun magazine. All you do is take a picture of the child holding a piece of PVC pipe...

...And then when you print the picture, you hole punch the end of the pipe and put a lollipop in so it looks like they are holding a GIANT lollipop! His turned out so cute! I took the picture, and then he and my mom hole punched them, put cute borders on them, and put in the lollipops. Yay!

Even MORE Crafting

Hi everyone! We are still house hunting and have not had any luck so far, but we will see what happens. Lately I have taken to crafting to get myself motivated to make it through the hours of homework that seem to come out of nowhere. I tell myself I can do part of a craft if I finish two hours of homework or a certain number of assignments. And since I am a photographer, my favorite crafts always have to do with pictures or picture frames. Here are the latest crafts! :) Hope you like them! Feel free to Pin them!


I am not really one to have favorite products or brands, but this is a new exception. Sometimes love can be a bottle of nail polish that paints the same color as it looks in the bottle in one coat, dries instantly, and lasts... I love this stuff. I wish I had money for more than one bottle! :) Seriously try it. You will fall in love.

More Craftiness

Here is my latest craft! It's a mini chalkboard necklace that you can write new things on each time you wear it! I love it! Just out of curiosity, would anyone like to buy one for a few bucks if I make more?

Lee & Jackson Luncheon

Lance and I got to go with my grandpa and sister to the annual Lee & Jackson Luncheon to celebrate the greatest generals of the Civil War. We made sure to sit by the smartest guy too so we won the Civil War trivia contest. :) It was at Bill Johnson's Big Apple and the food was delicious! What a fun time!