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A House That's No Longer Quiet

Except when puppies are sleeping of course. 
I don't believe I have posted it yet, but we did indeed get another puppy. How people can have only one puppy, I'll never understand. Who do they snuggle with at night if you don't have another puppy? Who do they play with during the day while you're at work or at school? Who do they get to wrestle with and chew on that doesn't mind it like people do? Anyway, Saga has a new best friend. His name is Bamse. If you're really Swedish you might know who we named him after. Since most of you probably aren't Swedish though, we named him after this guy.

The one wearing the blue overalls in the middle. Yep that's the original Bamse. The one that my dad read me to sleep with my entire childhood. He is he most popular children's comic book character in Sweden. He is awesome. Why?

Because when he drinks his thunder honey, he is the world's strongest bear! He is also always, the world's nicest bear too. My hubby, has been so diligent in teaching himself Swedish so that he can speak with my family and someday with our children. One of the things he loves to do the most to practice, is to read Bamse comics. So since we both love Bamse, we thought it a fitting name for our new pup. His full name (translated version) is Bamse the World's Strongest Dog.

So now we have double the chocolate. We have Bamse (who has a white spot on his chest and on his toes and his actual name is Bamse Världens Starkaste Hund) and Saga (actually Sagan av Dixie whose name means "story of Dixie" - which is perfect since she was the beginning of the rest of our story as a family). We love them both so very much. It's amazing how different they are. Saga loves to play and explore. Bamse loves to snuggle more than anything else. They can be so loud while playing with each other...

I love the noise though. The little growls and yips as they practice WWF wrestling in their room (yes they are spoiled and have their own room, the whole backyard, and part of the house when I am home), the barks of triumph as they "scare" away the garbage man, and the quiet grunts as they dream about chasing something. My life is so different with them. I come home to two excited little tails wagging instead of an empty home. I spend time on the floor rolling around with my two little wrestlers. I practice tricks with them, which they are pretty much pros at now. I buy a pool noodle just about every week since it's their favorite toy ever. I go running with them. And sometimes I just try to sneak up on them to catch their special little moments in pictures. I am so happy that they love each other.

I am just so happy that a part of my heart is filled up that I didn't even know needed filling.

I love my sweet Bamse and Saga.

They have made our little family a little bigger and it quite the adventure every single day.

Best of all, they make me want to be the kind of person that they think I am.

Here's Your Chance

I heard a story about a week ago from one of my friends. She said that she went to Chick Fil A with her kids and husband to grab some dinner. When she pulled up to the window, the cashier informed her that the car in front of her had paid for all of her food. My friend then asked to pay for the car behind her as well. Beaming, the cashier told her that this had been going on for about ten cars now. This story really struck me. "Wow," I thought, "Would I be the kind of person who would keep the chain going and pay for the car behind me? What if it was a huge van full of people?" I wanted to say that I would, but I didn't really know. I was so amazed that some people have that goodness in them to do something loving for a stranger and not need recognition. I mean, I know plenty of people who are wonderful people, but what about the ones I don't know? In a way, you could say it reminded me that there are loving and great people everywhere who we simply haven't met yet. Every day (literally) I have thought about that story and wondered what I would do, hoping that I would be unafraid to give...

Today was not a very easy day. Exhausting and frustrating in fact. Around dinner time, I went to Chick Fil A to grab some nuggets before heading to work. As I pulled up to the drive through window, the cashier told me that the car in front of me had paid for my meal. I tried to turn my face away from her as my mind reeled with the incredible, tiny destiny of this moment and tears welled up in my eyes. It was as though my Heavenly Father was saying, "Here's your chance. A small act of kindness can define who you are." I turned to look at her, knowing there were several people in the car behind me, and said, "I'd like to pay for the order of the car behind me then." She smiled a smile just like I imagined the cashier smiling from my friend's experience. As I pulled out of the drive through, I then pulled over and took a moment to cry a little and dry my eyes. I was glad that I had been brave enough to be kind, but more than that, I was oddly (and strongly) affected by the idea that someone had selflessly paid for my meal on a bad day. I felt only gratitude... And my nuggets were delicious. So here's my challenge to you: The next time you go to eat somewhere, whether it be in a drive through or a sit down restaurant, try picking up someones bill. It's amazing to know that someone who doesn't even know you, cares.