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Life as a Giant Balloon

Ever wondered what it would be like to be seven months pregnant?
Wonder no longer!
Imagine your body being filled with air
to the point that you literally feel like you might pop.
You can't lean forward to do anything,
your center of balance is gone,
 your belly button is slowly disappearing, 
and getting up from a chair or couch is a really annoying struggle...

It means you are almost to the end of your pregnancy, 
your little one grows stronger inside of you every single day, 
and soon you will get to meet your child.
Literally every week that Little Muppet grows inside of me,
I am relieved and grateful for the progress that she has made.

Here's my picture from week 28...

That was about three weeks ago... 

So here are some other random ones we've been taking...

28 Weeks

30 Weeks

31 Weeks

So yes, as the sign reads, BUMP.
My Bump just keeps growing.
In fact I've had at least three people ask, 
"Wow are you due any day now?"
Nope, not until February.
"Oh my! Where is she going to go for another two months?!"
Good question. 
No clue. 

Now I'm 31 weeks.
I feel Little Muppet rolling around as I try to sleep,
I feel her stretching and kicking as I work on photos, 
and I am never comfortable, 
I am so happy to constantly know
that she is still there, 
healthy and strong, 
growing and playing, 
waiting to enter our little family, 
and for me to be her mama.

THAT makes everything worth it.
THAT means the world to me.

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The Little Things

Now, if I'm being honest, being pregnant isn't easy. 
In fact, it's pretty hard. 
There are awesome and fun parts! 
But there are also painful and exhausting parts. 

 I feel like if I wasn't trying to look for the good little things, 
 I would only recognize the negative things. 

So I've spent the last crazy busy week or so,
looking for all of the little things that make me smile in my life.

My baby stretching in my belly, 
the Christmas decorations that we've already put up,
 drinking hot chocolate curled up in a blanket,
nights when Lance doesn't have to sleep at work,
friends who are the best people in the world,
Kermit the Frog hanging from my rear view mirror,
my freshly trimmed bangs,
a snoring doggie...

I have so much to be thankful and happy about.
It's so important that I focus on those lovely little things...

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On Getting Huge & Still Dating

Well I am now in week 26 (month six) of pregnancy...
That's pretty weird to say. 

You know this scene from Harry Potter?

 Well I think it accurately describes how I feel most of the time.
People keep saying, "Aww cute belly," 
and I tell myself that maybe the idea that I have a cute baby in my tummy
acts a shield for people to see me as I feel (see above picture).
I look cute because I am doing something great, even though I don't feel cute.

However it works out, I am grateful each time someone says it,
because it reminds me that I am doing something wonderful.

Here is the belly picture from Week 25.
And yes, be impressed that my husband drew the whole board,
even the three papayas. 

So what's actually going on with on my belly?

Well, first of all, Little Muppet loves to move...
Big time.
In the middle of the night she wakes me up to party constantly.

She loves to stretch her legs and arms out so that I have to lean back and my eyes water.

I crave a piece of provolone cheese randomly at night.

I felt her have hiccups for the first time the other day. 

At a 24 week ultrasound, Little Muppet spent the entire 30 minutes sucking with her tongue and lips,
while moving her hand around her face, trying to get a finger in her mouth to suck on. 
It was adorable.

This is the first week that a few stretch marks have showed themselves,
but hey, I knew they were coming sooner or later no matter how much lotion I put on nightly.

Little Muppet also wakes up purposely every night when daddy starts reading a story to her.
She kicks the whole time.
When he stops reading, she usually just goes right back to sleep. 

We have been playing her "Safe & Sound" by Capital Cities because we love the song so much.

Anyway, as I have been steadily growing larger,
and feeling more restricted in my movements, 
and having less balance in general,
I have felt less able to do some things that I normally do.

I have a lot less energy to go out and do things at the end of the day.
SO I am really happy that my husband has put together fun weekly date nights
and still taken me out  so that I could feel a little normal.

One of our date nights this month was to the AZ State Fair!
We did it on a budget too!
We went on a Wednesday night so we could get free entry with 3 cans of food
for the food drive.
We allotted $20 to rides and games,
and decided we would choose 1 food item to share.

We ended up playing ring toss, bounce the ball into the cup, and throw the quarter onto the circle.
We chose strawberry funnel cake as our treat for the night.
We explored the animal exhibits with cows, chickens, goats, pigs, etc.
We saw a camel, an alligator, and a MASSIVE pig.
We checked out the free animatronic Ice Age exhibit with really neat animals.
We watched the free Secret Circus show, which was pretty funny.

But my favorite part of the whole night,
was the ferris wheel.
Probably about ten years ago,
I wrote a bucket list,
long before I ever knew Lance or what my future held.

One of the things on my list was:
Kiss my husband at the top of a ferris wheel.

So that night,
I got to check that off of my list.
We picked the biggest of the three ferris wheels in the park.
We just so happened to get on during the ten minutes of sunset.

And we kissed at the top.

It couldn't have been a more perfect date.

I am so glad that I married the man I did.
He loves me so much,
and he keeps doing all that he can to make me feel that magic that we have,
and help me feel beautiful when I am big and pregnant.

What a lucky girl I am.
October 2013 couldn't have been better.

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This is Halloween! This is Halloween! 
Come on... that song gets stuck in your head the second you hear/read the words. :) 

And that's ok. 

This year Halloween festivities have been wonderful!

Last Thursday we got to have dinner with a new couple in our ward
and they are awesome!

After dinner, we carved pumpkins. 
It was a lot of work...

But we made those pumpkins into masterpieces!

Pumpkin carving is extremely special to Lance and I since we met at a pumpkin carving activity.
Hence the "pumpkin thieves" in my blog title.
Every year we make sure to do one together,
and we try to make it awesome.
This year, Lance and I made ours into... Drumroll please...

Mike Wazowski!

We finished the night by watching The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.
It was awesome, as per usual!

Then on Saturday, we had our church trunk or treat!
We got all dressed up in our costumes and took a little family picture with the dogs before we left...

Wait for it...

Yep. Lady & the Tramp, Spaghetti & Meatball, and the Chef.

We rock.

Afterward we headed to the party at the church and 
I was blown away by how awesome the decorations were! 
I am so used to a blank gym and my ward always goes above and beyond!
Spiderwebs, jack-o-lanterns, colored table cloths, voting slips for costumes, Halloween music, twinkle lights, etc...

We ate and passed out candy with our friends who were dressed as...
Wendy and Peter Pan!

(Except in this better version, Wendy and Peter are married and have a baby on the way!)

So basically, we had a blast. 
Lance was in charge of the haunted house and the kids LOVED it!

Then we all sat in our trunk, blasted "What Does the Fox Say," and passed out/ate our candy.

We finished the night by coming home and snacking on the pumpkin seeds I cooked up!

Good times no? What were/are you for Halloween?
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