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Back to the Blogging Board - I Can Take a Challenge

So... it's been a long time since I've blogged like I used to. 
I used to be really good. 
Now I am a teacher and a full time student. 
That = no time. 
At all. 
But I've really made an effort to finish typing the posts about my dogs, 
and it reminded me
why I love blogging. 

I love it because it reminds me what I love about my life. 

So it's back to the blogging board for me. 
I need to make the time for blogging because it's that important. 
So here's something that I feel needs to be shared.

Before the posts about my dogs, the last post that I wrote was for Lance's birthday.
It was awesome.
I planned a surprise mustache bash.

After it was over, there was just school and more school.
Let me explain:
After 17 years of school,
and only 21 years of life,
I was feeling pretty resentful toward school.

This led to me being pretty upset about other things as well.
School took all of my time so I felt like couldn't eat right or exercise,
so I didn't like the way I looked.

One day in October, I decided that enough was enough.
I grabbed my keys,
ran out the door,
drove to the grocery store,
bought every fruit and vegetable in sight,
and then came home and asked for my husband's help.

I did it all really fast so I didn't have time to doubt myself.

I had decided to try the juicing challenge,
although in my case it should probably be called the smoothie challenge
since I don't have a juicer.
I just used a blender.

For sixty days, I drank only blended up fruits and vegetables.
I ate them raw too.
I ate toast with peanut butter to get some protein.
Heck, I even had 1-2 cheat meals every week.

But I forced myself to keep going.
My husband helped me every day by making the smoothies when I couldn't.
He made most of them actually.
He cheered me on.
But when it came down to it,
I was home alone a lot,
and I had to do it on my own.
I had to choose to keep being healthy.

By the time I finished, I had lost 16 lbs.
Yep 16.
Most people asked me, "Where do you have 16 lbs to lose?"
This made me feel glad, but I would secretly think,
"In the places that I see when I look in the mirror."

I was so proud of myself,
that I kept drinking my smoothies.
I still drink them for 1 - 2 meals a day.

Now I've lost 21 lbs.
Yep 21.
Realistically, that number bounces up and down depending on the day,
and whether or not I'm on my period.
But I made it to 21.

And I'm still going.

I took back my body from all of the student teaching,
late night cramming,
unhealthy snacks because there wasn't time to stop writing a paper and cook,
sleepless nights,
stressed out brains,
and all that other good stuff.

Is my body perfect?
(Well don't tell my hubs I said that)
But do I love my body?
I earn it every single day.

I was that person who was like,
"Pshhh drink fruit for two months. Yeaaahhh righhht."
But I proved to myself that I could be a stronger person.

And do I still eat cupcakes, fettucini alfredo, and pizza?
You bet.

But I eat a whole lot more good stuff,
and my body and me,
well, we like that.