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My Valentines

Can I just say that I love Valentine's Day/Week?!
I know that people love you all the time, 
but I am someone who loves reminders of that fact.
Valentine's day does just that.
My sweet hubby got me flowers and my choice of a great book at an awesome price!

I am the primary chorister (music leader for the little kids ages 2 - 11) and my littlest kids painted a sweet Valentine's box for me with kisses as a thank you. I adore them!

In school, my class made little puppy Valentine's bags to pass Valentines out to each other. I was gone on the day for my friend's father funeral, but when I got back the next day, I found these goodies waiting! My kiddos do love me! :)

Best of all, I got to spend my Valentine's Day with my Valentines. They are the biggest blessings in my life! I love them so much!