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Pinterest Hubby

So yeah,
I know how a lot of people who like Pinterest,
And a lot of people who want to do stuff they see on Pinterest,
And a lot of people who wish their husbands would do stuff on Pinterest,
So let me take a tiny moment to brag.

I like Pinterest.
My husband likes Pinterest even more.
He likes to create things and build things.
So yep, 
you guessed it. 
He actually likes to help me make things from Pinterest. 
In fact, they could make a website called Lanceterest, 
Because he likes to randomly create things that other people should Pin.

When we first moved into our house,
He took to doing little projects that he saw on Pinterest to give our home
special little touches.

He completely created this garage door button hider.
All you have to do is tab the pretty knob on the outside! :)
I love it!

I took to creating frames to hold our instagram pictures.
They turned out nicely!

Just recently,
my hubs thought that our guest bathroom mirror looked lonely,
so he built it a custom frame!

And to my great delight,
together, we created the masterpiece below.
We don't have a headboard so we wanted to create something to make it feel like we did.
$10 for IKEA curtains, a rod, and twinkle lights later...
We had this!

So I guess the point is that I feel lucky to have a husband who is creative,
encourages creativity,
and likes to make our house more into a home.

Oh and P.S. I cannot wait to go to the AZ Blogger Meet Up tonight at Sweet Cakes Cafe in Mesa tonight. I had this yummy cake pop a week ago and it was so good! I can only imagine how great the yummy treats and fun will be tonight!