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A Much Needed Makeover & A Blogger Meetup

So I have had a lot going on lately with school.
I mean,
I have a ton going on with school at any given time
considering that I pay to teach full time
and take a full schedule of classes too. 
It's not that fun,
but the kids?
Oh they are so worth it.
I have the best students ever.
They make me look forward to teaching everyday.
But the last two weeks have held national teacher certification tests,
giant hour and a half presentations to peers, 
and midterms.
All in all,
just not that fun.

So I felt like I needed a makeover,
but there is no use trying to give me an physical makeover when I am stressed.
(Trust me it's not pretty)
So I decided to pamper myself and get a...


I mean guys!
Check it out!

Brielle from Studio Eleven made my blog exactly how I've always wanted,
but never had the moo-lah to get it there.
I haven't taken any HTML classes so there is only so far I've been able to get myself.

Guys, Brielle is a genius!
I love what she did!
And she was waaay affordable!
(Broke student teacher speaking here)
catch her now before she gets rich and famous!
She changed and tweaked until everything was perfect,
she was so sweet and patient, 
and she was fast too!
I'm just saying.
Cuz now my blog is looking at your blog going,
"Let me give you the name of my stylist."

Check her out guys! :)

In other recent news,
I had a BLAST at the AZ Blogger Meetup a few weeks ago!

We got yummy goodies from Sweet Cakes! Thank you!

And we got sweet goodie bags from other bloggers in an exchange to get to know each other better!
Loved my musical goodies from Brooke at I Play the List!
Go check her out!

Hands down,
my favorite part of the blogger meet up was meeting people,
and making new friends!
Check out my new pal Brittany from Brittany's Notebook!
I loved hearing about her munchkins and her photography!

 I met so many other fun pals!
These pictures are a fun memory.

(although is it just me or wow, look at my hips compared to everyone else's)

When I was 12, 
My doctor was giving me a check up and remarked,
"Wow, you certainly do have birthing hips.
That'll come in handy someday."
unfortunately they haven't come in handy yet.
Especially not in pictures like these. 

Oh well. :)
I loved meeting these girls!
Can't wait for the next meet up!

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