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Build A Bear

So I've always had this thing for stuffed animals,
I mean who can resist them right?
I think that the reason I love them is because each one makes me think of 
the person who gave it to me. 

Then there's Build a Bear.
As a kid, I thought,
"My goodness... someone discovered Atlantis!"
Not only a place where someone you love buys you a stuffed animal,
but they make it with you too!

You can imagine my excitement. 
I LOVED Build A Bear.
I have stuffed animals that I have made with
my mom,
great aunt, 
my grandpa, 
my sister,
my brother,
a best friend...
 Every single time I miss one of them, 
I always find myself clutching to the stuffed animal that I made with them.

So needless to say,
I think Build A Bear is like magic.

Last weekend, my baby brother had his 9th birthday, 
and my parents got him giftcards to Build A Bear.
So he asked me to take him and off we went.

When we got there,
he asked,
"Are you gonna make one?"
Now I had bought him one in the past,
but never made one with him for myself. 

That's what I said,
until we walked past the very last animal on the shelves.
I almost gasped.
Was it possible?
They had,
not a yellow,
not a golden,
not a black, 
yes chocolate,

Since I have been 5 years old, 
I have wanted a stuffed chocolate Labrador 
because that's what all my dogs have been.
And so at 21 years old,
my heart melted into a puddle,
and I made a stuffed chocolate Labrador.
And my brother made a green teddy bear.

I named it Saga,
after my girl that I have right now.

I had a blast with my little brother.

And now everytime I hold Saga,
I think of him...
And all four of my chocolate Labradors.

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