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Holiday Clearance & Muppets

 So being a (relatively) newly wed, I want to decorate my house for every holiday, 
but don't always have the moo-lah to go buy all of the things I want!
So... as hard as it can be,
I wait for the clearance sales!
Target clearance sales mostly.
So the day after Valentine's Day, I got the following beauties for 50-70% off!

Needless to say, I am always proud of myself for all of the money I save, 
and how cute my house looks...
after each holiday is over. 

I also collect Muppets,
And am always looking for a bargain on those.
I have been waiting for one specific figurine to be listed on eBay for over eight months!
(Gonzo - Jim Shore)
And a few weeks ago, I got it!
I am a Muppet bargain hunter, I tell ya!

Here is my proud,
complete Jim Shore Muppets collection!

Love them! Hoping that my hubs will build me a stage display for them!
Now, this isn't nearly my whole Muppets collection, 
so perhaps I'll share more another time!

What do you collect?

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