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Pretty Little Things

So here are some pretty little things of late...
One of my sweetest friends sent me this lovely note and gift.
 It totally made my day after my big car accident. 

Speaking of my car accident,
check out Little Red!
She's all fixed up! 
I have to slam the door a little harder,
but she's all better!
In other exciting news,
I have passed one of my four teacher certification tests,
so I had a little pink lemonade cupcake to celebrate.
I am scheduled to take the other three within the next two weeks
so send me good vibes!

 And lastly, I got to have date night!
Woo hoo!
The last two weeks have been nuts,
so we made time and Lance took me to see
Les Miserables...

We were both blown away.
SO much emotion,
fantastic acting,
and an incredible story.
We LOVED it!
(not a kids movie, but amazing)

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