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Vegas Baby!

So this week is FINALLY my spring break!
I am so excited!
I kicked it off by going on a day trip to Vegas with my besties (Sampson & Delaney)
for Sam's 22nd birthday. 
It was so fun to spend time with them!

(It was also my first trip being apart from Lance, which was a little sad)
I had a blast drinking lots of Dr. Pepper and watching them gamble,
Being a good luck charm,

Laughing at funny people,

Seeing the water show at the Belagio,


Going to the Coke factory,
And the M&M factory,

As well as eating at the Hard Rock Cafe,

and the Grotto.

can't say that I love everything about Vegas,
but the lights,
they are just amazing. 

I also saw the neatest aquarium with sharks and manta rays that was in the middle of a
When I am rich someday,
 I want a giant aquarium in my pool!

On the way home to Phoenix,
we were running out of gas so we stopped at...
Uranus Gas Station.
You read that correctly. :)

Pretty interesting gas station.




I seriously have the best friends ever!

And my pups and hubby were happy to have me back.
My family, friends, and dogs seriously make my life so wonderful.

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