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A Jam Packed Disney Day

So this actually happened like two months ago,
but I was in school,
and doing homework, 
and not having time to blog.
So it gets posted now. :)

When I was younger my parents would ask,
"Do you want a big Christmas? Or do you want a little Christmas with a Disney or Seaworld trip?"
We always wanted the trip!
So we often would go to Disneyland or Seaworld during the nonpeak months like February & March. 

I hadn't been in a while.
This year my family decided to do it again.
Three days of Disney bliss.
However, I was finishing my last semester of college and didn't have time or money to leave for three days.

So one day it was.
And I was psyched about it.

So I finished all of my assignments for the weekend,
and Lance & I headed to Cali for a Friday full of Disney magic.

When we got there on Thursday night, 
my family was still finishing up their second day in Disneyland,
so Lance and I walked around Downtown Disney and checked out the sights.

I loved this piece of artwork or Kermit and Yoda!

We also played in the Lego store and looked at Lego sculptures for about an hour.

When my family came out we left with them, 
and came back the next day ready to party!

I was so thrilled to actually be in Disneyland with all four of my siblings and my parents.
I think when you get older you begin to realize how much families can spread apart as each person grows up and since one of my brothers is in college and one sisters is going to be in a year,
I cherish the time spent altogether a lot.

We were there during the Ironman 3 exhibit so we got to see all of the Ironman suits made for the movies! They were amazing!

We started out with Buzz Lightyear ride, Star Tours, and Star Tours again.

Then we headed over to Pirates of the Caribbean (my all time favorite ride). Look at my cute sister... Yes she may very well reach six feet in height.

After Pirates, we headed to the New Orleans Cafe for lunch. 
It was delicious!
(And it was my first time trying gumbo!)

Since the trip was right around my sister's birthday, 
she got a lovely birthday song and some french donuts...

After lunch, we snapped some photos and then headed off to ride Indiana Jones, The Jungle Cruise, the Haunted Mansion, and the Winnie the Pooh ride.

Finally after grabbing some Fastpasses for Splash Mountain, we headed to Fantasy Land and Toon Town. There we went on Mr. Toad's Grand Adventure, It's a Small World, The Matterhorn, and Roger Rabbit.

Finally as dark set in, we finished up the day by running over to California Adventure to go on the Muppets 3D Show and the Little Mermaid ride. Then back over to Disneyland for the Peter Pan ride, firework show, and Fantasmic Show!

Had such a wonderful time and it was a great escape from school. Definitely kept me sane during finals. I think Disneyland is truly one of the happiest places on earth. It will be so fun to take my children there someday!

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