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Two Years & A Graduation - That's Getaway Worthy

So I graduated.
Then speedily approaching was our two year wedding anniversary.
I needed to getaway. 
I feel like this last semester waged war on me mentally.
Tired and stressed.

So we hopped on a plane
(after months of waiting)
and went...



We lucked out on accommodations,
and just had the most calming three days on the Big Island.

On the first day,
we walked the boardwalk in Kona,
and got fresh fruit at the Farmer's Market.

We found this adorable little place called Bleu Cupcakery.
It was amazing.

We got a red velvet cupcake...

Then we explored until we found a deserted little black sand beach, surrounded by lush greenery.

And then we had a cupcake picnic, complete with warm rain, naps, and kisses.

And then we took some pictures before heading out...

That's my hunk!

 The next day was our anniversary!

So we went on a snorkeling tour through Sea Quest.
(If you are going to Hawaii, save yourself the research - they definitely offered the most snorkeling for the best price)

It was so much fun!
They took us into these lava caves!

And then to three different snorkel spots!
We got to see five sea turtles,
one of which decided to come check me out.
So yeah,
I was like a foot away from him.

It was one of the coolest moments of my life.

After snorkeling from 7 in the morning until mid afternoon, we came back hungry and ready for our anniversary dinner. We decided to go with Outback Steakhouse (yay giftcards) and we drove past the Kona temple on our way. When we got to dinner, we sat on the patio and watched the rain while we told each other our favorite memories of our last two years together.

It was, quite frankly, bliss.

The next morning we went back to the temple.
Afterwards, I played with some of the horses that border the temple grounds.
The man who own them lets all of the children ride them on Sundays after church. :)

After that, we went back to the Bleu Cupcakery,
picked up a Chocolate cupcake,
and a Strawberry Guava cupcake,
and headed back to our little secret beach.

The strawberry guava was definitely the best flavor we tried!
Then after stopping by another farmer's market to get a lei, we went to the movies,
and finally bid farewell to Hawaii.

It was a lovely and much needed rest.
(But now I want to run away everyday and go eat cupcakes on a beach in Hawaii)
Can't have it everyday I guess... sigh.

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