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Le Belly Pop

Well it's officially official... I've popped.
To be honest I'm kind of relieved because I felt like I was going to be trapped in the 
"I feel chubby, but not round enough to look pregnant" phase forever!
Apparently though,
some people can now tell that I'm pregnant.

Also, I am at 18 weeks now,
and this week, 
I felt the baby move for the very first time!

I feel like the #1 question people ask is,
"Have you felt it move?"
They tell me it feels like 

The doctor said,
"You might not even know that what you are feeling is the baby moving."

So because of all that,
I was determined to not say I had felt my baby move until I KNEW it was the baby.

This week I was lying in bed,
trying to get comfortable (increasingly harder these days)
when suddenly,

I felt it.

Like Little Muppet had just done a little somersault!

I knew exactly what it was,
and it was awesome!

So there it is,
I felt the baby move AND my belly is poking out and looking rounder all the time.

Here are the progression pictures for you to see for yourself!

Week 6

 Week 11

Week 15

 Week 17

 So whatcha think? Is le belly pop official?
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