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Birthdays and Bellies and Good Stuff Like That

So in September we celebrated my birthday! 
And then in October we celebrated Lance's birthday!
And now in February, we'll celebrate Little Muppet's birthday!
But let's not get ahead of ourselves...

I don't know about you, but I am finally "Feelin' 22."
I woke up on my birthday to balloons down the hallway that I had to pop open.
 Each one had pieces to a love note inside that Lance had written me. 

Then I got to have breakfast and open my presents, 
which were all Muppets related of course:
A new iPhone case, a Kermit pillow, and a Miss Piggy watch. 

For dinner, my dad chose for us to go to Red Robin,
with my whole family to celebrate.

Why did my Dad choose?
FUN FACT: I was born on my dad's birthday. So yes, his first child was a birthday surprise!

My dad and I have the same birthday.
It's pretty cool.

SO, basically my birthday was awesome!

We finished it off by using birthday money to finally get a crib 
and set it up in Little Muppets room. 
It was so exciting to take that step and realize, yep, there's gonna be a baby in that bed.

The next month was Lance's birthday!
He got woken up with Swedish pancakes, sausage, and fruit for breakfast!

He then got to open his presents, 
which were mainly Ninja Turtle themed. :)

Then we headed out for lunch with my dad, 
and yogurt at Yogurtland with dad, brother, and grandparents.

Lance, was sporting all of his new birthday gear!

We then went hunting for sunglasses and settled on a dinner at home.
All in all, I think he was a happy birthday boy.

So now here we are, a year older, and a month closer to meeting Little Muppet.
I am in week 24 and growing bigger daily.
Here is a picture from week 23:

Little Muppet's kicks are getting stronger all the time!
I am having more and more trouble sleeping bending.
I keep day dreaming about what she will be like.

Will she be anything like me?

Or nothing at all, but incredible just the same?
I am dying of anticipation here!
Our lives will certainly be changed forever for the better...
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