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This is Halloween! This is Halloween! 
Come on... that song gets stuck in your head the second you hear/read the words. :) 

And that's ok. 

This year Halloween festivities have been wonderful!

Last Thursday we got to have dinner with a new couple in our ward
and they are awesome!

After dinner, we carved pumpkins. 
It was a lot of work...

But we made those pumpkins into masterpieces!

Pumpkin carving is extremely special to Lance and I since we met at a pumpkin carving activity.
Hence the "pumpkin thieves" in my blog title.
Every year we make sure to do one together,
and we try to make it awesome.
This year, Lance and I made ours into... Drumroll please...

Mike Wazowski!

We finished the night by watching The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.
It was awesome, as per usual!

Then on Saturday, we had our church trunk or treat!
We got all dressed up in our costumes and took a little family picture with the dogs before we left...

Wait for it...

Yep. Lady & the Tramp, Spaghetti & Meatball, and the Chef.

We rock.

Afterward we headed to the party at the church and 
I was blown away by how awesome the decorations were! 
I am so used to a blank gym and my ward always goes above and beyond!
Spiderwebs, jack-o-lanterns, colored table cloths, voting slips for costumes, Halloween music, twinkle lights, etc...

We ate and passed out candy with our friends who were dressed as...
Wendy and Peter Pan!

(Except in this better version, Wendy and Peter are married and have a baby on the way!)

So basically, we had a blast. 
Lance was in charge of the haunted house and the kids LOVED it!

Then we all sat in our trunk, blasted "What Does the Fox Say," and passed out/ate our candy.

We finished the night by coming home and snacking on the pumpkin seeds I cooked up!

Good times no? What were/are you for Halloween?
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