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Pregnant Lady Going Strong

Being pregnant right now is my favorite part of pregnancy so far! 
I'm in week 23,
and basically, no matter how sick I get,
how much my back hurts, 
how much I can't sleep when I want to,
and how many weird dreams I have,
I am so excited!

I kept telling people I couldn't wait to get to the fun part.
People, I am at the fun part!
I know I'm having a girl.
Little Muppet is moving around all the time.
My hubby, siblings, and even best friend have gotten to feel her kick.
She wakes us every night when Daddy starts reading a story to her.
I actually have a roundish belly that makes me look pregnant.
I like this part.

I know I will get bigger,
ache more, 
feel worse,
and the baby moving might be more painfulish,
but right now I'm just trying to soak it up!
Here's my 21 week picture... I cannot WAIT to meet our Little Muppet!

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