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Seeing You For the First Time

Little Muppet, 
I saw you for the first time and I just wanted to tell you about it. 
I was in a room with your Pappa and a lady with a big machine 
squirted warm gel all over my tummy. 
Mormor and Aunt Sammy were there too.
They were so excited to see you,
but I was the most excited of all.
The lady put a little machine part on my belly and rolled it around,
everyone else was looking at the TV screen to see what the machine would show.
It showed you!
You were so perfect! 
You were wiggling and kicking and playing in my belly!
(of course I already knew you were kicking)

The lady with the machine pushed on my belly to move you around.
Then she asked Pappa if he wanted to guess if you were a girl or boy.
Pappa said, "Girl."
The lady said, "It's a girl!"
Pappa knew you were a girl!
Aunt Sammy knew you were a girl!
Even Mormor knew you were a girl!
(She bought you a little ASU cheerleader outfit a month before.)
I was the only one who thought that you might be a boy,
because I kept dreaming about a little girl,
and I thought she was too perfect to be real.
But I was wrong.

We were so excited to learn that our first little baby
would be a girl!
Then the lady moved the machine to look at your whole body again 
and do you know what you were doing?
You were grabbing and playing with your toes!
 I couldn't believe that at 20 weeks old, 
you were already so playful. 
It was wonderful to see.
The lady with the machine even said, "Wow she's an active little thing!"

The lady measured your head, legs, arms, belly...
Then we saw you rubbing your eyes.
Then you started sucking.
We could see your lips moving and trying to suck,
and the lady said you were probably looking for your thumb.

You were the most amazing thing I have ever seen.
The lady with the machine said, "Look you can even see her tongue sucking."
I was in awe of you.

Finally after getting all of your measurements,
and checking to make sure you were completely healthy,
the lady with the machine said, 
"Alright, your little girl looks perfect."
And that meant that her time using the machine was over...
Which made me a little sad,
because I could've watched you all day.

I thought I would leave the room and feel like a big mystery had been solved,
because we would know your gender,
and I was really excited,
but it seemed like the mystery just got bigger.

Everyday I wonder what you will look like,

Everyday I wonder what you will sound like, 

Everyday I wonder who you will be,
this amazing little person growing inside of me.

And I love you already,
even with all of that mystery,
and all of those ponderings.

I can't wait to meet you my Little Muppet.

Love, Mamma
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