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The Dress Your Guess Party

So after finding out Little Muppet's gender, 
we decided to have a "Dress Your Guess" party for some family and close friends. 
My mom ordered a cake that had the gender color inside,
and I didn't know until the party,
just how amazing the cake would be!

My siblings and I put up some little decorations like a voting board,

a board with Old Wives' Tales,

and a station for creating onesies.

Then the guests arrived wearing their gender guess color of pink or blue. 
We ended up having a blast hanging out with everyone!

(Little Muppet's Great Grandpa Gardner was really voting for PINK)

We passed around the pictures from the ultrasound.

We were really glad Kaj could be there on his last week before leaving to be a missionary in Sweden!

Everyone was so excited for us to cut the cake to reveal the big secret!

 Finally, knowing that we were having a baby girl,
our guests got really creative and made amazing onesies!

Finally the party was over, 
the news was posted on Facebook for eager loved ones,
and we were thrilled that we knew we would be having a little girl!
After a long evening, Lance got to take a nap.
It's hard for him to work and then have a party afterward. 
He is like the energizer bunny, except he needs a nap every once in a while.  :)

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