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The Little Things

Now, if I'm being honest, being pregnant isn't easy. 
In fact, it's pretty hard. 
There are awesome and fun parts! 
But there are also painful and exhausting parts. 

 I feel like if I wasn't trying to look for the good little things, 
 I would only recognize the negative things. 

So I've spent the last crazy busy week or so,
looking for all of the little things that make me smile in my life.

My baby stretching in my belly, 
the Christmas decorations that we've already put up,
 drinking hot chocolate curled up in a blanket,
nights when Lance doesn't have to sleep at work,
friends who are the best people in the world,
Kermit the Frog hanging from my rear view mirror,
my freshly trimmed bangs,
a snoring doggie...

I have so much to be thankful and happy about.
It's so important that I focus on those lovely little things...

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