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Vegas Baby!

So this week is FINALLY my spring break!
I am so excited!
I kicked it off by going on a day trip to Vegas with my besties (Sampson & Delaney)
for Sam's 22nd birthday. 
It was so fun to spend time with them!

(It was also my first trip being apart from Lance, which was a little sad)
I had a blast drinking lots of Dr. Pepper and watching them gamble,
Being a good luck charm,

Laughing at funny people,

Seeing the water show at the Belagio,


Going to the Coke factory,
And the M&M factory,

As well as eating at the Hard Rock Cafe,

and the Grotto.

can't say that I love everything about Vegas,
but the lights,
they are just amazing. 

I also saw the neatest aquarium with sharks and manta rays that was in the middle of a
When I am rich someday,
 I want a giant aquarium in my pool!

On the way home to Phoenix,
we were running out of gas so we stopped at...
Uranus Gas Station.
You read that correctly. :)

Pretty interesting gas station.




I seriously have the best friends ever!

And my pups and hubby were happy to have me back.
My family, friends, and dogs seriously make my life so wonderful.

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Pretty Little Things

So here are some pretty little things of late...
One of my sweetest friends sent me this lovely note and gift.
 It totally made my day after my big car accident. 

Speaking of my car accident,
check out Little Red!
She's all fixed up! 
I have to slam the door a little harder,
but she's all better!
In other exciting news,
I have passed one of my four teacher certification tests,
so I had a little pink lemonade cupcake to celebrate.
I am scheduled to take the other three within the next two weeks
so send me good vibes!

 And lastly, I got to have date night!
Woo hoo!
The last two weeks have been nuts,
so we made time and Lance took me to see
Les Miserables...

We were both blown away.
SO much emotion,
fantastic acting,
and an incredible story.
We LOVED it!
(not a kids movie, but amazing)

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Inspiration at Its Finest

To start off, I am pretty bummed about whatever is going on with GFC
(Google Friend Connect)
which is where I have all of my followers. 
I made a Bloglovin button, so please follow! 
I will definitely follow you back! :)

And moving on...
Lately I was able to do something that inspired me,
so please read the whole post.
I attended the Holocaust Convention for Educators 
for the fourth year in a row. 
It's mind blowing every time 
to hear the survivors stories 
and the messages that they pray that we pass on to the next generation.

Here is a picture from last year of my dad, husband, and I with
three of Holocaust survivor friends, one of whom I'm lucky enough to have
as a sort of third grandma. :)
You can read her story in her mother's book:
The Enduring Spirit

The neat thing is that, 
I have an awesome dad, 
who likes to make friends with everyone.
we are friends with a lot of the Holocaust survivors.
We have dinner with them,
and yeah, 
it makes me feel humbled to hear their wisdom 
and see their strength.

Here are some of the inspirational people that I heard speak this year and their messages:

I met Oskar Knoblauch and bought his book:
A Boy's Story - A Man's Memory
Surviving the Holocaust
I've  had the privilege of hearing him speak before and he remembered me,
which was neat. :)
His stories were incredible and heart wrenching,
and he told us,
"Protect your freedom because without it, you are nothing."
How blessed we are to be in a land that is free.

 My family is also good friends with Annette,
who was another speaker at the convention.

She was born in a Displaced Persons camp after the Holocaust to two Holocaust survivor parents.
She was so malnourished that when her family arrived to the US,
the doctor said that she would have been dead in just a few more hours.
She spoke about what it was like growing up in a home of four Holocaust survivors
(her parents and her aunt and uncle).
Even though her stories were painfully difficult to imagine she said,
"My parents taught me to live and to love. For that I'm thankful."

We also heard Dr. Alex White speak,
who also remembered me from previous years.
He is a survivor who was on Schindler's List.
(watch the movie, it's amazing)
He shared three important points with us to pass on to others:
1. "The Holocaust wouldn't have happened if the world hadn't been indifferent. Do NOT be indifferent."
2. "Make something of yourself."
3. "Be a Mensch."
In case you don't know what a Mensch is,
it means a person of integrity and honor.
His book is called:
Be A Mensch

Each year, I am inspired by the many different survivors who come to speak,
and the ones who I get to visit with regularly share such things with me,
so as to make my heart twist and turn until it has promised to itself,
to pass on the messages they share,
and to NEVER be indifferent.

People ask me why I listen to their stories,
and read their books,
and watch their films,
if I already know what happened
and that it was horrible.
Why keep listening, reading, and watching?

Because if I don't,
I become indifferent.
I forget their stories when I am caught up in the busy days
of my life.

I can never forget them, 

because they have personally urged me to share their messages.
They have charged me and all those within the reach of their words,
to stand as guardians of the human race,
to protect freedom,
to never become indifferent,
to show kindness every single day,
to make the world more beautiful.

I urge you to read their stories.
And share their messages.
Heck, I'll even get books signed for you!
But you need to know,
and the world needs to know.
They have picked up the broken pieces of their lives after torture,
and so much more,
and they have become voices for the greatness inside of human souls.

Never become indifferent
and be a mensch.
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