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A Little Wedding Party

So about two weeks ago my oldest niece, 
Lance's niece, 
got married in the San Diego Temple.
We went up for the wedding, 
and I was the photographer for the reception. 
While we were there, 
we were able to stay with my best friend from growing up, 
Our dads were high school best friends, 
so we were pretty much destined to be best friends as well.
Good thing we like each other. :)

Anyway, it turned out to be a blast!
I didn't think we would get to see Amber and her hubby Darren very much, 
but I was delightfully surprised that we were able to to have three outings with them!

On our first day there,
we went to the family rehearsal dinner for the wedding, 
and before that I had a chance to chat it up with my bestie who I had missed so much!

The next morning, 
Amber took us to Point Loma to see the lighthouse, 

a museum about the history of San Diego, 
and the sea cliffs! 

After that, 
Darren was able to take lunch so we could have a double date to a little place called 
"Olive Tree."
Fresh bread, 
fresh meats, 
fresh cheeses...
best sandwiches ever.

Although in hindsight it may have been a terrible idea seeing as how I crave it all the time now.

After lunch we headed over to the temple for the wedding.
It was absolutely wonderful!
We were thrilled to see Lacey marry the man of her dreams!

After the lovely wedding, 
and lots of family pictures, 
(in which you can definitely tell who the sister-in-law is)

we headed back for our much anticipated date night with Amber and Darren.
I love how Amber is such a great friend, 
and she just happens to marry a guy older than her (like I did)
who loves to be funny (like Lance)
and is laid back (like Lance). 
Our husbands are different, 
but have enough in common to make double date so much fun!

So we went out to dinner in Little Italy to a place called,
And we love the ambiance there.

After dinner, 
we parked on the top of a parking garage to watch a few planes land, 
and then headed over to Chocolat for some Gelato dessert.
Um LOVED that place!

In our picture for the night you can even see my little bump. 
I'm in my second trimester now.

Finally back at their place, 
we kicked back with some Italian sodas and watched Monk on their projector...
Pregnant lady happiness right there.

The next morning, 
Lance and I got up early to go to the temple with Amber and Darren.
The San Diego temple is so beautiful!
It was so nice to have one last date with them before we had to head to Los Angeles for the reception.

So finally the reception came,
and I had my camera and my trigger finger ready to go!
Here's a little peek...

All in all the night was wonderful and very memorable.
I am so happy for Lacey and her new hubby.

And thanks to Amber and Darren for a wonderful time!
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Silent Little Moments

Sometimes I feel like there are moments in my life where time seems to stand still.
I feel as though nothing could stop me from realizing 
that in these moments there is a power beyond anything else.
This power reminds me how much I have to be grateful for. 
One night a few weeks ago, 
I had one of those silent little moments. 
I was washing dishes, 
Lance was on the floor playing with the dogs.
After a few minutes,
it grew quiet so I looked over the counter to see this...

And like a full on train, it hit me. 
I have everything a person could want in this world,
starting with this guy,
and his compassion for our puppies and for me.
I am so grateful...
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