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Life as a Giant Balloon

Ever wondered what it would be like to be seven months pregnant?
Wonder no longer!
Imagine your body being filled with air
to the point that you literally feel like you might pop.
You can't lean forward to do anything,
your center of balance is gone,
 your belly button is slowly disappearing, 
and getting up from a chair or couch is a really annoying struggle...

It means you are almost to the end of your pregnancy, 
your little one grows stronger inside of you every single day, 
and soon you will get to meet your child.
Literally every week that Little Muppet grows inside of me,
I am relieved and grateful for the progress that she has made.

Here's my picture from week 28...

That was about three weeks ago... 

So here are some other random ones we've been taking...

28 Weeks

30 Weeks

31 Weeks

So yes, as the sign reads, BUMP.
My Bump just keeps growing.
In fact I've had at least three people ask, 
"Wow are you due any day now?"
Nope, not until February.
"Oh my! Where is she going to go for another two months?!"
Good question. 
No clue. 

Now I'm 31 weeks.
I feel Little Muppet rolling around as I try to sleep,
I feel her stretching and kicking as I work on photos, 
and I am never comfortable, 
I am so happy to constantly know
that she is still there, 
healthy and strong, 
growing and playing, 
waiting to enter our little family, 
and for me to be her mama.

THAT makes everything worth it.
THAT means the world to me.

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