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Pretty in Pink

Well it's about time for me to blog about my showers... 
They were phenomenal to say the least!

In November my best friend, Sam, threw me a shower 
for college friends and some family. 
I thought shower meant a few gifts and maybe a cake or some cupcakes.
Boy was I wrong!

I showed up and felt like I had stepped into a pink wonderland!

There were pink mason jars with strawberry lemonade,

a station for making hats and headbands for my Little Muppet,

 a bubblegum  jar for a contest prize,

nail polishes and nail filers for party favors, 

an incredible diaper cake that Sam made,

 carnations in my absolute favorite shade of pink,

pink and gold teacups for decorations, 

 a beautiful, strawberry-flavored cake that said "Welcome Baby Svea" on it,

 every kind of pink candy and cookie,

 cute pom poms hanging around the room,

 pretzels with pink chocolate drizzled on top,

 and Martinelli's sparkling cranberry apple cider to top everything off! SWOON!
Do I have the best friend ever or WHAT?! 
She and her awesome mom worked so hard to put together such a lovely shower!

 Well needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed myself!
I sipped down some of this sweet nectar and chatted it up 
with friends who I hadn't seen in ages!

 Then came the games...

 The first game involved throwing a striped beach ball around the room. 
When someone caught the ball, they had to look at what color (pink, blue, or yellow) 
their left hand landed on.
Then they had to answer a question or complete a challenge that coordinated with that color.
The questions were fun and the challenges were even funnier.
"Sing the Itsy Bisty Spider"
"Eat a whole packet of sugar"
Guess who ended up with that last challenge...
Yep, yours truly.
I nailed it.

Another game we played was Baby Shower Bingo!
It was fast paced, easy, and very fun!

 Even the prizes were adorable!

We also had a diaper raffle that my Great Aunt won. 
Each pack of diaper was an entry to the raffle!
I sure was thrilled about getting so many diapers!

Next we opened gifts...
I laughed, I teared up, and I got sooo excited!
The cards I received were filled with such loving words 
and those girls really put so much thought into what they chose to give.
 It was an immense blessing to say the least...

 Finally we cut the cake!

 BAM! Have a mouth full of strawberry cake goodness! :)

 Literally delicious...
I still dream about this cake.

So pretty much it was like a fairy tale shower and this girl spoiled me rotten.
I couldn't ask for a better friend than her. 
She's the best.

 Had to post this gem of Dia... :)

 Love these girls (and the others who came) so very much!
HUGE thanks to Mary and Sam for making my shower so incredible! :) 

Well as if that all wasn't way more than I deserved in the first place,
my mom and sisters decided to do a shower for me as well 
for family and friends.
Again I expected a cake or treats and a few gifts.
I guess I should get used to being wrong.

I showed up to my mom, her friend Beckie (who planned it), and my sisters setting this up.
There were mason jars for the pink punch,

 lovely iced cake,

yummy pink cake pops,

shish kabobs of meats, cheeses, noodles, and veggies,

 favor bags with lovely scented soap bars in them,

 banners to decorate the space,

prize bags for the winners of the games and the diaper raffle, 

 pink punch with rubber duckies in it,

pink candies and chocolates,

 lots of amazing foods,

and my baby blessing gown was up for display.

Did I mention this CAKE???

My grandma, aunt, mom, and Beckie worked so hard in the kitchen to get the food ready!

 Tiffany and Yvette were also there early to help set up and get everything ready! :)
Love these ladies!

 My mom had me start by opening gifts while everyone played a game. 
There was a cute little scrapbook and blank pages that each had one letter of the alphabet on them.
Each person at the shower was supposed to take one letter and draw a picture for it.
Then they all got put together to create an alphabet book for Little Muppet!
SO neat!

While I opened gifts (and HOORAY for LOTS of diapers again) everyone socialized 
and ate the food.
Did I mention that the amazing cake was also an OMBRE cake? 
You thought it couldn't get any cooler huh?

 I was so blessed to have such wonderful women there to support me 
and help get me prepared for my first little one!
Everyone filled out papers with their wishes for the baby
and they were really special for me to be able to read.

 We also played a game where everyone got a roll of clay and had to create a baby.
The hard part was that I had to be the judge and pick the best one.
HOW on earth are you supposed to judge clay babies 
when you can probably not even make a round ball of clay?
Here were some of the top picks! They were so cute!

 My mom and Beckie did an amazing job creating a lovely shower!
(I don't know how my mom managed to completely avoid the camera.)
Thanks Beckie!

I guess when you look at your life 
sometimes you are caught up in the busy details.
You forget that in the big, broad picture there are a lot of people who love you.
Both of these showers were a reminder to me of how extremely blessed I am 
to have so many women who love me,
who've helped me through the years, 
counseled me,
taught me, 
made me laugh, 
been my friend, 
guided me, 
and always had faith in me.

I would've settled for just the cakes from these amazing showers,
but these friends and loved ones really made sure I had a great start
on what I needed to take care of my baby.

I was also overwhelmed with happiness at how many people already love my Little Muppet.
It is not easy growing up in this world, 
finding your passions, 
making good choices, 
and making your way through life.
My Little Muppet already has so many women who care for her,
and will be there to help her on her way.
What more could I ever ask for?

Again, huge thanks to Sam, Mary, my Mom, and Beckie!!! 
I love you all so very much!
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