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The Last Christmas

Well this Christmas was full of laughter, fun, Jesus, and family!
In fact, it was the last Christmas.
The last Christmas before we have kiddos that is!

Lance and I woke up and gave our puppies their Christmas presents!
They were very excited about the whole ordeal!

 Then we headed over to my parents' house and watched the nativity story, 
 read the story of Christ's birth, 
skyped my brother, Kaj, who is serving a mission in Sweden, 

and lastly, we opened gifts that brought lots of laughter, and even tears.
KineBritt loved opening her clothes, shoes, books, and the camera that she had been wanting for trips and college!

 Mathea was SO excited for the TONS of clothes (she is a fashionista fo sho) she received and lots of One Direction gifts that she squealed over!

 Jonas got lots of model cars (as per usual), books (including one joke book that he hasn't stopped reading from), and a giant dollhouse to paint and build!

 Mom received giftcards for different date nights with Dad and lots of creative gifts from the kids! We made her a personlized family calendar, a family picture to hang up, Jonas sewed her a wrist rest for typing, and Mathea even got her a giftcard for some sexy new jeans!

 Dad got peanut M&M's (his Christmas wouldn't be complete without them), Civil War books (duh), and giftcards from Mom! He also loved this gift from Jonas!

Lance was more than excited to open his Ninja Turtle Legos, Ninja Turtle Pajama Pants, a snowman nutcracker from Jonas (Lance LOVES Nutcrackers), and even Subway giftcard from Mathea! My biggest gift to him was a year (one per month) of preplanned and prepaid date nights!

 My awesome family chose the neatest gift for me - a nursing rocker! 
Finally a chair I can sit in, rock, and lean back at the right angle! 
I LOVE it!
(Big belly much?)

 And of course, my Christmas wouldn't be complete without some Muppets!

 Lance loves to take it upon himself to build something beautiful for our home each Christmas.
He builds things all year long too, but at Christmas he gets to wrap it up and show it off. :)
This year he built us a seat to go at the foot of our bed! 
He bought an old table from D.I. and got the padding, paint, and fabric.
TA DA! It turned out soooo beautifully!

Definitely, the best gag gift of them all was Lance's gift to me.

I've been having a hard time lately with people running straight into my belly in public. 
It seems to be that they look at my face and don't notice right away that my belly sticks out 
WAAAAAYYY more than it looks like it would from a glance at my face.
So they just run into my belly...
Which is just painful and not fun.

SOOOO Lance, being the incredible problem solver that he is, used his inventor's skills.
He created a safety belt that holds up a flag to make people notice my belly,
all made from materials he found at work.

 Later he asked me to give him a good pose in it, so here it is in all its glory!

After all of the presents were opened, my parents' informed us they had one last gift to give...
They handed Mathea a white envelope and after reading the contents for barely a few seconds,
she was in the fetal position in hysterical tears.

What would make her cry like that you ask???
Only one thing could've done it this year.
One Direction concert tickets.
My dad was very proud of the joyful tears he worked so hard to see!

So Christmas was a hit!
We finished it off right with our annual wrapping paper fight, 
although this year with the girls being so excited for clothes, 
we had to be careful not to pelt each other with clothing boxes.

Later while we watched a Christmas movie ("Christmas in Connecticut" if you were curious), 
Svea decided to have a Christmas party of her own...
It's less than a minute, but I was glad I finally caught some of this in a video!

Lance and I ended the day back at home, 
watching a show and sipping hot coco.

What a blessed little family we are to have our pups, 
a sweet little girl on the way,
a beautiful Christmas, 
and each other. 

Next year we will be able to introduce Svea to Christmas.
I can't wait!

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