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Black Belt

So here's a fun fact for you all. 
I am a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. 
I was a black belt instructor for years in high school. 
I also took a national gold medal in my Tae Kwon Do form. 
But anyway, enough about my glory days.
It's time for someone else's glory days. 
My sister's to be exact. 

Two weeks ago my sister, 
who has worked so hard for years to get to this point, 
went to test for her black belt. 
You better believe proud black belt big sis was there!

Tae Kwon Do is more than kicking and punching. 
It's a art form that teaches strength, self control, respect,  precision, and so much more. 
I remember the feel of being lost in the moves that I was doing, 
so it was no surprise really that as my sister did her form, 
I felt tears well up in my eyes at the beauty of it. 

I did not feel tears well up in my eyes, however, 
when she had to spar three on one. 
Three boys against her.
I was literally afraid for them. 

Sparring is her strong suit and she can defend herself against any odds.
While sparring three guys, she still managed to bloody one of their noses!

Then came the board breaking and she executed her moves beautifully!

After hours of testing, she was finally done! 
What a proud big sister I am!
She has put in so much dedication and hard work
and I love her!

Little Muppet thought her Auntie was so cool that she decided that she wanted to test for her black belt too!

Little Muppet wants to be just like her Auntie!

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