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Blessing Day

Svea's blessing day was so beautiful. We got her dressed in a lovely dress that my siblings, cousins, and I have all worn for our baby blessings. It has three separate layers of slip and dress and is about three feet long! She was so adorable in it. When we got to church, we were shocked to find that the friends and family who came for her blessing had almost doubled the size of our ward. Lance gave her a blessing with her Morfar (my dad), Great Grandpa Johnson, Great Grandpa Gardner, Great Uncle Robby, Great Uncle Ed, and Great Uncle Chris. He blessed her with many things like guidance of the Spirit (Holy Ghost) in making her life's decisions. My very favorite part of her blessing was that Lance blessed her to always and no matter what, know how much she is loved by her Heavenly Father and her family. She cooed softly during the blessing and was kind enough to wait until after we took group photos outside to have a blowout through her diaper.

 After the blessing my family attended the rest of church with us, then came over for some dessert...

During the evening, more family and friends came over to visit and hold Svea. She is so blessed to have so many who love her so much. What a sweet girl we have!

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