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Letter to A One Month Old

Dear Svea,

You are now one month old and you are the cutest baby ever! Your fluffy brown hair has made your nickname "Little Muppet" stick and I love your bed head so much! 

It even naturally goes into a faux hawk some days. Your hair cannot be tamed! 

Your eyes still haven't decided what color they are but they have gotten a tad lighter blue/gray in the weeks since we've brought you home. Regardless of color, your eyes are so big and bright that they melt many a heart. 

You don't seem to be gaining much fat yet since every time you put on a pound you compensate by growing one or two inches. Your doctor and all of the nurses think that you are going to be very tall. 

I wouldn't be at all surprised by that what with your Mormor and your Auntie Mathea's genes in you. You love rocking your "My Aunt is my BFF" shirt that Mathea got you! You have long, skinny fingers and toes just like Pappa (thank goodness) and you managed to avoid my stubby ones. 

You have loud toots that make everyone laugh since you are so tiny and dainty. Your Mormor is always happy to change your poopy diapers and tell you that you're adorable when you cry, which always impresses me since those are always the times when others just hand you right back to me. You love to suck on anything that makes it into the vicinity of your mouth, like Aunt Kine's hand. 

You LOVE to be in a warm bath or shower, especially when someone is running their fingers through your hair. It practically puts you in a coma. As for temperament you are also the sweetest baby ever. No, I really don't know how we got so lucky. You mostly only whimper when you are hungry or cold or need a diaper change. You have minor grumpy times like any baby, but your Pappa and me are well aware of how much you spoil us. 

When you are really hungry, but it's not quite time to eat yet, we will try to give you a binky or a finger to suck on. Then you shake your head around with your mouth as wide open as it will go trying super hard to find something else that will give you milk. It's pretty cute. 

You were so sweet at your newborn photo shoot by Rennai from Ten22 Studio!

You also never sneeze less than three times in a row. On the third sneeze you reel back a little extra and it is so expressive! When we go out in public, you are more than happy to snuggle and sleep on my chest in my Solly wrap. You love to sleep on certain people a lot, like Aunt Sammy when she comes over each week or Aunt Mathea when we visit Mormor's house. 

You get hiccups on a daily basis and Pappa is pretty much the pro at stroking your hair and face to calm you enough to get rid of them. You giggle silently in your sleep and it makes my heart want to burst when I catch you at it! 

You also love it much better when I sing to you in Swedish rather than English for some reason. It puts you to sleep every time. I speak more Swedish than English to you when it's just us home and Pappa speaks Swedish to you sometimes as well!

Morfar is speaking only Swedish to you and with his help and the help of our Swedish movies and books for reinforcement, I hope that you'll become fluent as a dual first language like I did. Morfar doesn't always say what he's thinking or feeling, but sweetie I can tell, han är helt kär i dig. 

You have the most beautiful, wide eyed look and I can tell how curious you are about everything. 

 You love your doggies and they are smitten with you. Bamse used to follow me around. Now when I get up, he goes and lies down wherever I left you in your boppy or your swing to guard you until I come back. Saga has to sniff you every time we come home as if to check that you're ok, give you a gentle kiss, and then be on her merry way. 

You are somehow perfectly ok with these massive beasts even when one of them gives an over zealous kiss. I can't wait to see you handle them as you grow. 

In just one month you have done so many things with us! You have been to the Holocaust Convention for Educators and met several survivors (one of them being our good friend Magda who loved giving you kisses). 
 You clutch at me when I nurse you as if to remind me with your clinging hands how much you depend on me. It melts me. I can't believe I'm your mom and I get to teach you about all the wonderful things in this world! I can't wait to see all that you will teach me!

I love you so much!

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