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Letter to a Two Month Old

My Sweet Little Muppet,

You are now two months old. This month has been such an adventure. I feel like each day with you is richer than a month before you were here. Your Pappa and I learn so much from being your parents and we become better people because we have you. 

You are now in the 25th percentile for weight and the 95th percentile for height. I have a sneaking suspicion that you're going to be taller than me if you keep getting taller like this. 

You now love to stand on the lap of whoever is holding you as they simply hold your sides for balance. The doctor says you are still very strong. I think you will be able to do anything you want in this life! You also now have an adorable, round belly that I love to kiss. Every little thing about you is perfect. 

You are fascinated when we roll our R's speaking Swedish. Your Pappa says you will either be a top linguist or a pirate. Your hair seems to be getting wilder and slightly lighter each day. We love your Muppet trademark! You are now such a good smiler! 

You have also started making quiet babbling noises like you are joining in our conversations and it is so fun to see how big you think you are. It's like you don't even know you're a baby! Your eyes have gotten to a shade of blue and we are very curious to see if they will stay that way. You still love bath time a lot and it makes it so much more fun. You have given yourself a blister inside your lip that comes and from you sucking so hard on your binkies, but you're starting to take a lot more interest in your fingers and thumb so that would help your blister if you chose fingers over pacifier. 

You love to take up half of our bed by sleeping with your arms spread out on either side of you. It's a good thing we love you enough to share! :) You often get do happy about nursing that you will smile while trying to suck which makes milk leak out of both sides of your mouth and all over me. I then have to remind you that even though your smile is the most darling thing ever, nursing is not the most optimal time to do it when regards Mommy's clothes staying dry. You really love to sleep with your Pappa. You snuggle right into him and then you dream and sleep babble and flail and he never minds one bit. I often look over and think that I must be the luckiest girl in the whole world.

You love to meet new people and you are never opposed to anyone holding you. Everyone falls in love with you so easily because you show such affection to them by snuggling, smiling, and studying their face. 

This month you visited Butterfly Wonderland with my siblings and the Williams family. We had so much fun and a butterfly landed on your head. What butterfly could resist baby smell right? It was so neat! 

You also went to your first Suns game and you slept through most of it in your Solly baby wrap. You were the cutest little Suns fan there!

You went to the movies with us to see "Muppets Most Wanted" on opening day! We wore all of our Muppets gear and you were more than adorable in the Kermit onesie that I made for you with felt. It was hilarious and we loved the music!

You love tagging along with Pappa and I when we go on our weekly dates. We built a fort one night from sheets and couch cushions to watch Man of Steel and the dogs wanted to come under and make sure they could see you. You think they are pretty funny!

You went to cheer Jonas on at his basketball game and you were the littlest cheerleader there!

You love being snuggled in your Solly baby wrap so sometimes on our Sunday night walks, Auntie Mathea will put it on and carry you. She loves to hold you and it's pretty easy to see that she'll be a great mommy someday.

Basically this month has gone by seemingly too fast. I loved every moment with you and I understand now why adults jokingly tell children to stop growing. You are so precious to me and I love each time you learn something new or grow a little bigger, but at the same time, I know I will miss these days. I am so blessed to be your Mamma and get to watch you grow. 

I can't wait to see how your sweet spirit will make with world a better place. It already is. I love you so very much.