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Little Muppet's First Easter

This month was Svea's first Easter!
I was so excited even though I knew she would really grasp the fact that it was a holiday.
I got our little baskets ready and pretended that she was just as excited as I was!

 Yep she was super excited about her basket!  Ha ha! 
In all honesty, she was a little excited when she discovered that she could chew on the bracelet that she got that matches one that I got.

Lance, being as crafty as ever, made me a sunflower (my favorite flower) from Peeps and some little 3-D bird cages from paper! They are so neat! 

 Little Muppet just liked seeing Mamma excited and having Pappa blow raspberries at her!

After a nice morning with our little baskets we headed over to my family's house to roll up our balls of yarn that lead to an Easter basket. Then we were off to church with my parents and siblings. There we got to think and talk and remember what Easter is all about. It's about our Savior, Jesus Christ, and the fact that he rose and conquered death for us. He lives and He loves of and because of Him, we can have a happily ever after! Because of Him, we can be together forever.


We are so blessed! Easter was wonderful!
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