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Things I Love Thursday: Monroe & Harlow

I like trying new things so here goes!
I'm starting a series of posts called "Things I Love Thursday"
where I will posts about brands/products that I love!
They will have mostly to do with motherhood 
because my that is my passion. 

If I write about your brand/product, 
feel free to snag and post this image.
Thanks for reading!

Today's post of Things I Love Thursday is all about

I cannot even say enough about this handmade business. 
Anikka has built the most amazing business that creates headbands/turbans
for adults and littles!

When I began the search for hair accessories for my coming baby girl, 
I discovered Monroe & Harlow and was just blown away!

There are headbands to match every possible color and texture of outfit. 
They are reasonably priced, 
and you save even more if you customize a set!

The processing and shipping time has impressed me every time I've ordered. 
Not only that, but the fabric is always so soft and stretchy on my Little Muppet's head.
For those precise reasons, the headbands also last longer as she grows because they are not thin elastic that push into her skin. 
So perfect. 

I have loved using Monroe & Harlow headbands for my Little Muppets since she was born
and I look forward to seeing her grow up in them!

Check them out for headbands and turbans for you and your little!
Or if you are a baby reading this, check them out for headbands for you and your mommy!

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