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Three Years

Three years ago I had a different last name.
Three years ago I slept all by myself with just stuffed animals for company. 
Three years ago I could never have guessed that in three years I'd be here. 
Now I have a new last name, I don't have to sleep alone, and I have the most wonderful family a girl could ever hope for. 

Three years ago, I married my sweetheart. 
Is it really possible?
Most of the time it feels like maybe we just got back from our honeymoon. 
People usually chuckle when I say that I've been married for three years,
but my three years of marriage have been the best of my life,
and an eternity of love has to start with three years.
I am so blessed. 

To celebrate our anniversary this year, 
we managed to escape to San Diego with Little Muppet for a few days just to relax. 
This was Little Muppet's first airplane ride 
and she rode the airplane just like her momma...
asleep on Pappa.

When we arrived we were really excited to literally just stay in our hotel room and eat pizza.
So we did.
It was perfect!
The pizza was perfect.
The hotel room was perfect.
It was all perfect.

We also played "who can make Svea smile bigger" and I won with this classic trick...
She loves to "fly."

The next day we headed off on a bus hopping adventure to get to Coronado Beach.
Little Muppet was really excited to go to the beach for the first time. 
Or at least she was excited about how goofy we were being. :)

 When we got to the beach we suited up and sunscreened up. 
Then we headed out for some cool ocean water. 
At first, Svea wasn't so sure about the water slapping her legs. 
Then when I started lifting her to jump over each wave, 
she discovered that she could kick her legs down hard and make a splash each time.
Problem solved.
She loved the water. 

It was nice to just feel the sand between my toes
and know that all I needed to do was watch my Little Muppet laugh
and my hubby play with her. 

This was literally killing me...
Totally candid. 
I mean come on you two. 
I'm a puddle over here. 

When we got back to our hotel, 
we headed out for our anniversary dinner at The Melting Pot.
We had never been, 
but we were armed with a giftcard
and were ready to enjoy an awesome meal.

It did not disappoint!
So yummy and such a romantic atmosphere. 
We discussed our top ten favorite moments of our marriage (an annual tradition now)
and needless to say,
I was tearing up from joy.

Our waiter made us a special chocolate strawberry dessert plate to congratulate us.
All in all...

On our last day I told Pappa Bear that I wanted to go to an aquarium. 
Any aquarium at all, 
but an aquarium. 
So we took another bus adventure over to Birch Aquarium. 

As soon as we got there I fell in love with the whale fountains outside. 
So beautiful!

 In the aquarium we got to see all kinds of neat sea life!
A giant octopus was making its way right across the glass of his tank,
Nemo was brushing in his sea anemone just like his dad tells him to in the movie, 
Baby seahorses were holding hands,
and a giant tank with a natural kelp forest was having a show 
where all the sharks, eels, and giant fish were being fed by a diver. 

It was magnificent. 

 This fish was over 300 lbs and much bigger than the diver that fed her. It was crazy to see!

My favorite thing about the aquarium was seeing how fascinated my sweet Little Muppet was. 
I always seem to underestimate her, 
thinking that because she's a baby, she won't really know what's going on. 
My little lady is amazed by the things she sees. 
She soaks everything up. 

It makes me realize that it is my duty as her mother
to help show her things that will enrich and cultivate her mind.
And her Pappa will always be the one to remind her how to smile. 

After visiting the aquarium, 
we headed back home to relax a bit before heading to dinner at one of our favorite places. 

We ate at Filippi's in Little Italy
and then went to Chocolat for some gelato dessert. 
Literally this trip was just full of ocean, laughing, sleeping, and food. 
It's good for the soul ya know?

 We were sorry to leave after so much fun, 
but Little Muppet always likes to remind us that we can have fun anywhere.
I am so happy that I have had these last three years. 
One husband, two dogs, and one baby later, 
my life gets better all the time. 
It makes me constantly think of the words to my favorite song...
 "Then sings my soul... How great Thou art."
 My Heavenly Father has blessed me so infinitely. 

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