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Mommy & Me Giveaway Feature: Noah & Olivia

Today's featured shop for our big giveaway is

Jeni of Noah & Olivia creates customs teethers, drool bibs,
and accessories for your little babe!

My little lady always loves to have something to chew on!
She is a drool machine!
I always tell my husband I now know the meaning of the phrase
"Santa Baby" 
because she always has a little drool beard!

Having a drool bib to protect an outfit that I don't want to get soaking wet,
and having a teether to keep her happy are both so worth it!

Jeni also can add a custom appliqué to your teether
and/or drool bib in just about any shape you want!
Not to mention that the fabric selection that she has for you to choose from
is huge and there are so many choices!

Excuse me while I stare at my Little Muppet's huge eyes 
that match her drool bib and teether. 
She's just too adorable, 
and she loves her teether so much!

Check out Noah & Olivia when their shop opens soon from its short break.
You will not be disappointed!

Enter to win 
a your own custom set of a bib and teether for your babe
along with over $800 in ocean themed prizes
using the rafflecopter below!
Good luck!

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