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Mommy & Me Love the Sea Giveaway Feature: Mag+Pie

Today's featured shop for our big giveaway is 


I LOVE this shop for handmade children's clothing! 
Their Narwhal shorts were just perfect for this ocean themed giveaway!

I've mentioned before that Little Muppet has a cute, round milk belly, 
but a skinny little waist. 
Mag+Pie clothes always fit her just right!
BUT I've also seen them fit all sorts of other body types just right!

Mag+Pie clothes are stylish, 
and oh so soft on little busy bodies!

Not to mention that they allow for great movement!
They are just stretchy enough for my Little Muppet to grab her toes and roll around like usual,
without wearing out or being loose. 

 So whether your babe wants to take it easy...

Or swim like a fish...

Mag+Pie has all the different types of clothing you could possibly want!

(Headband by Monroe & Harlow who are also a part of this giveaway)
Enter our giveaway below to win a pair of Mag+Pie narwhal shorts for your babe
and over $800 worth of ocean themed prizes!

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